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Created by Ian Klimon (Aephir) 06/19/97

Troll Language

The trolls now speak in a "language" that sounds gutteral but semi-coherent, here are guidelines as to how to handle this "language," and the conversion from English to "Troll."

The troll language should at all times be gutteral and close to incomprehensible to the human ear. And trolls speak (and write, if you can call it that) from right to left, so just flop your sentences around. Reverse letter order within the words. Proper nouns are left as is, except for dropping the "e." Note that when you end up with two like vowels next to each other, use a ' to separate them.


A - Replace with AR or RA
B - Replace with BR
C - Delete
D - As is
E - Replace with a '
F - As is
G - Replace with GR or leave as G
H - Replace with GH
I - Replace with IR or RI
J - Move to end of word
K - Replace with R'K, KR or leave as K
L - Replace with LAR, LOR, or LUR
M - Replace with MR, MOR or MRI
N - As is
O - As is
P - Replace with R'P or PR
Q - Delete
R - Replace with R'R or leave as R
S - Replace with SR, R'S or leave as S T - As is
U - Replace with RU or GHU
V - Replace with VR or R'V
W - Replace with WR, R'W or leave as W
X - Delete
Y - Delete
Z - As is

For example:

A troll prince says, "Kneel before Gron, ruler Grr'Tok."

would be:

A troll prince says, "Grr'Tok r'rlorur, Gron rofbr lirnr'k."

The quick brown fox jumped over the tall fence.

would be:

'N'f larlor'rat 'ght r'r'vro d'r'pmuj of nworbr kiru 'ght.


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