Tysong Horibu

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Tysong Horibu
Race Dark Elf
Culture Faendryl
Class Falconer
Affiliation(s) Hand of the Arkati

Tysong Horibu is a Faendryl Dark Elf Falconer.

He lays claim to a ruby-eyed ebony peregrine falcon.


You see Tysong Horibu Faendryl the Peregrine Brewmaster.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
It is difficult to properly see his features as the damask crimson hood of his cloak is pulled down over his face.
He has an intricate runic tattoo on his arm, and an ethereal runestaff tattoo on his arm.
He is wearing an ancient dark crimson leather cloak, a black leather vest covered with numerous runes over a tailored pale grey silk shirt buttoned in abalone chips, a small sable suede pouch with gold leather drawstrings, some pleated grey twill trousers woven with charcoal undertones, and a pair of ebon leather boots with black steel buckles.