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Statement of Purpose

The Hand of the Arkati fills the widely identified gap of a capped presence across Elanthia. We offer an organization specifically dedicated to hunting the strongest foes available in a quick, efficient, effective manner and provide a venue for capped individuals to hunt collaboratively. The hometown for the organization is Solhaven, where our planned structure will reside.



In order to be eligible for membership, an individual must be at or approaching Grand Lord or Lady status, demonstrate a general aptitude in abilities, and be in good social standing with the community. The reputation of the members of this organization is paramount to its success. Attendance at three official organizational event is required before being eligible for induction. All members agree to abide by the behavior and rules section of the bylaws.

Membership Levels


This is the membership tier that is eligible to every member of the Hand of the Arkati. Basic requirement of being at or approaching Grand Lord or Lady status.
Benefits Include:

  • Access to permanent structure.
  • Ability to vote, weighted as 1 point.


To obtain veteran status, a member must be in good standing and have earned 100 attendance credits. Veterans assist with regularly scheduled events when no officer or captain is available. They are also able to take attendance and submit that for record keeping.
Benefits Include:

  • Access to permanent structure.
  • Voting weighted as 3 points.
  • Ability to organize impromptu events with 5 or more participants for event and attendance credit


A captain is a veteran that has been elevated in status by performing one of the following:

  • Host or lead a group event once per week with attendance of three or more attendees
  • Offer up to 3 attempts for a group event a week if no attendees joined or if event did not meet first requirement above.
  • Posting of event summary of the above within the #captain_attendance_records channel within Discord.
    (ie. Bandits illistim w/ x,y,z attending. OR Sanctum group with no takers)

The above will be done on an honor system with various systems in place to track the attendance and or attempts.
Benefits Include:

  • Access to permanent structure.
  • Voting weighted as 4 points.
  • Extra share from official events split among attending captains.
  • Selection pool for future officer positions.


Officers are voted into position by a majority vote (weighted by rank) when a position opens. Any new member that joins in the middle of an officer vote will not be eligible for voting participation. An officer must not be an officer of any other meeting hall organization. Officers have authority over events and meetings when present. There will at all times be a minimum of five officers and a maximum of six. The officer selection pool is drawn from current captains that have held the role for at least 2 consecutive months. If an eligible captain does not exist, refuses nomination, or fails to achieve a majority membership vote, the pool of candidates will be drawn from all captains, and subsequently veterans if failed again.
Benefits Include:

  • Distribute prize closet items in accordance with meeting hall organization rules and guidelines.
  • Access to permanent structure
  • Voting weighted as 5 points.

Officers will consist of six differing positions. Each position will have a primary focus, but those duties may still be performed by other officers if need arises. Members and others are recommended to seek out the officer of the position they are needing assistance in first, if none available they may request assistance from another. While these positions do allow a separation of duties, there are some general shared duties amongst all officers outlined below.
Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Member inductions when needed
  • Primary leaders of nightly 8:30 PM EST events.
  • Host or lead an attendance-qualifying event twice per month
  • Maintain the list of official calendar events, announcements, and runners.
  • Maintain the endowment and general funds.
  • Organize item donations for various causes/events.
  • Help maintain records of prize-closet item distribution.
  • Be a contact to other meeting hall organizations or cooperative houses of Elanthia.
  • Help to coordinate new events and quest runs for public or private member attendance.
  • Maintain the official attendance records.
  • Availability to be approached for new member inquiry as well as for any issue or conflict resolution.

Expulsion & Removal

Although membership within the organization is life-long with no upkeep requirement, there are exceptions that could cause removal of membership. There are also requirements that must be kept in order to maintain the position of captain and officer. These expulsion and requirements are listed as follows.

  • Captains will be demoted to veteran if they do not meet the required weekly hosted events as mentioned in Captain membership section
  • A Hand of the Arkati officer that decides to start or join another meeting hall organization as an officer will be removed as a Hand of the Arkati officer immediately upon recognition of such action.
  • Officers will be requested to step down or removed if they leave the game for longer than 60 days. Upon return, a prior officer can request to be voted back into office if current officers stand at five or fewer.
  • An officer may be removed due to actions in contrast to the best interests of the organization or in violation of game policy. This removal must be approved by a unanimous decision of the other acting officers. Upon removal, the officer will be demoted to member status unless extreme circumstances require expulsion from organization.
  • Any member may be expelled from the organization due to extreme circumstances. These may include violation of game policy, excessive abuse of bylaws’ behavior and rules, or other extreme instances.
  • Officers reserve right to remove a member from the organization after sale or transfer of an account and/or character.

Events & Meetings

Level Restrictions: Although membership is restricted to characters at, or approaching, Grand Lord or Lady status, lower-level characters may attend events as outlined per each event. In the absence of an officer, a captain or veteran may lead and take charge of the event. In order for an event to be considered for attendance credit, the event must either be an official event or attended by at least five attendees. Attendance must be posted via an approved communication method so that it can be tallied.

Hand of the Arkati typically runs an event every night of the week at 8:30 p.m. EST, but there are 3 official event nights: Tuesday (Reim progression), Thursday (Reim farming), & Saturday (Reim farming). Official and/or regularly-scheduled events may be disrupted due to festivals or other special activities.

Reim Quest Hunting

The settlement of Reim offers various event options, listed below. Loot-sharing guidelines for Reim events follow the loot-sharing guidelines outlined in that section of the bylaws.

  • Farm Run - Consists of staying within the village of Reim inside the “plaza.” Typically, farm runs will provide a constant presence in Reim for the entirety of the event and allow attendees to use Reim orbs to reset progression and gather additional ethereal scrip.
    Level Restrictions: Generally open to level 81+, but safety is not guaranteed.
  • Progression Run - This is your typical Reim quest run. The event usually gathers within the village of Reim inside the plaza. At the designated time of progression, the group will make its way towards the throne room to kill the emperor and empress. Individual loot searched from the emperor and empress will belong to person who initiated the spawning of such.
    Level Restrictions: Level 91+
    • Time of Progression - Will begin promptly at time stated at the beginning of event. (e.g., Reim progression will begin at 9 p.m. (NO reorbing after 8:55)
    • Moving forward: Once progression has begun, group leadership will give attendees a maximum of two rare waves to gain clearance for next area. If still not clear, leader of event will request attendee stay behind to allow the group to progress in timely manner.
    • AFK or non-responsive participants who are not clear will be given only one wave to clear and then left in a non-combat zone
  • Fortress Defense - A fast-paced, 30-minute event based on “defend the flag,” which gives one the chance to fight sequential waves of undead enemies. This version of Reim is best suited for casters or extremely fast physical classes.
    Level Restrictions: Level 91+

Regular Capped Hunting Grounds

These hunting events consist of group parties that gather to do adventurer-guild bandit runs, excursions to Old Ta’Faendryl, Sanctum of Scales, the Rift, the Elemental Confluence, or Nelemar as well as any future released hunting grounds designed towards capped players. These events or typically done as impromptu events by organization members (see above for attendance credit requirements). Many times officers, captains, or veterans may announce that they are gathering a group to head to one of these areas. Please feel free to join with them. These events will typically be led by the leader requesting the event. The loot for this event should be determined by those in attendance amongst themselves.
Level Restrictions: Level 91+

Guardians of Sunfist Warcamping

The leader of this event will generally be a member of the Guardians of Sunfist as one is needed to access entry to the camp. Usually a group will RAZE a warcamp, which consists of defeating an entire camp to extinction and then burning it to the ground. Raze tasks can be shared amongst society members at the beginning of the event. Loot-sharing guidelines for warcamping events follow the loot-sharing section of the bylaws.

  • Please be prepared to dedicate a sufficient amount of time for the camp to be cleared. Generally a raze task can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on camp and group size.
  • It is recommended you come fully prepared with as much magical protection as you can garner. Also note that area of effect spells are not advised inside of the camp due to the shroud surrounding it.

Level Restrictions: Level 91+ (restriction important due to Grimswarm spawning to the highest-level attendee).


From time to time, paid quests may be led via the box office or simucoin quest system. These events will have limited space and loot distribution will be determined by the event leader. These paid quests are subject to attendance credit as long as they meet the minimum impromptu requirement of 5 attendees and are led by an officer, captain, or veteran.
Level Restrictions: Varies based on event leader organizing

Event Loot Sharing

For various events, a more streamlined loot-sharing guideline needs to be put forth to prevent any confusion and optimize the timing of the event. Typically there will be a designated looter for these events.

  • All corpses will be looted by the designated looter running a major loot boost for maximum possible looting benefit. The looter will coordinate with those in attendance to carry full containers when overburdened. It’s the looter’s responsibility to track to whom these containers were given.
  • At the end of the event, all containers will be given to a seller, preferably the attendee that has the highest trading and influence bonus, to take and sell. Coins will then be given to the leader to share amongst the attendees. If the event is an official event or regularly scheduled event, a 50,000 silver endowment will be withheld. Also for any official event, an extra share will be taken out to be split amongst the captains in attendance of the event.
  • The leaders of an event will make every effort to let you know when we are gathering for the share and where to meet. It is YOUR responsibility to be attentive, present, and at the designated spot that was announced. If you cannot make it to the location, please inform the group leader or an officer so that accommodations can be made to get your share to you. The group leader will wait a minimum of five minutes after the end of an event to give attendees due time to join the group leader. While the group leader will make every effort to group all attendees present at the gathering location, it is ultimately the attendee’s responsibility to make sure they are joined to the group leader.
    • If you are not attentive, a share will not be kept for you nor will we track you down to hand one to you. If you need to leave before the event is over, please let the leader or officer in attendance know if you desire a share. If you are able to stay logged in, we ask that you move yourself to the designated spot where we will gather post-event to do the loot share. This guarantees that we can group you for the share.

Other Events & Meetings

From time to time, the officers and members may take part in various other events and meetings done throughout the world of Elanthia. These can range from festival participation to general organization meetings to discuss whatever topics are needed. These other events will typically be led by an officer or an officer-appointed event leader.

Behavior, Rules, & 3rd Party Resources

Although the Hand of the Arkati is mostly an out of character community designed around capped group activity, we do ask that members and those that join us for our events abide by some simple behavior and rules. Those include the following:

  • Drama, excessive complaining, etc is not appreciated, warranted, nor wanted.
  • Although our membership base is mostly adults, please keep our various forms of communication to a modest level. (e.g., no NC-17 rated content). Please take those discussions to a more private medium. If excessive violations occur, we will bar you from our communication methods.

Officers will manage and distribute invitations to 3rd party communication and resource tools. These include, but not limited too, external voice & text chat software as well as attendance records. Invitations to our existing voice & text chat software will be restricted to the following:

  • Current members of the organization
  • Individuals that have shown an interest in our organization by attending an event
  • Individuals with special circumstances deemed so by the inviting officer

When an officer holding ownership over one of these tools and or resources steps down or is removed from the organization, that officer is required to relinquish ownership rights to another active officer.

Bylaws Ratification and Revisions

If and when changes to the above bylaws need to be made, the following guidelines will be used to coordinate updates and approval.

A bylaw change, update, removal, and additions may be proposed by the current officers. A majority vote of the officers will be used to decide if approved or denied.

History of Changes

  • 4/14/2019 - Removed officer titles and consolidated roles to be more generic for all officers to perform.
  • 1/21/2019 - Updated officer selection pool guidelines.
  • 9/20/2018 - Updated REIM Progression guidelines (rare spawn limitation changes)
  • 5/29/2018 - Added requirement to post captain events to appropriate Discord channel
  • 3/7/2018 - Initial acceptance and approval of bylaws & charter.

Current Officers



Roster and full attendance records can be found in the public Google Spreadsheet:


  • a marbled ora hand insignia clenched around a small gemstone globe - 20k
  • a clenched veil iron hand insignia - Member Insignia (purchasable by any member) - 25k
    Dark blue-flecked veil iron fingers envelop a gemstone globe that has been cut with a fractal lightning arc. Light blue vaalorn veins writhe outward from the globe across the clenched fist, and the combination of the cut of the stone and the metallic inlay create the illusion of crimson sparks when the piece is caught by the light. Across the wrist is inscribed in runic block letters: "We are thy hand. Our will be done, on Elanthia as on the moons above."
  • a clenched rolaren hand insignia - Veteran Insignia (purchasable only by officers) - 30k
    Dark rolaren fingers envelop a gemstone globe that has been cut with a fractal lightning arc. Brilliant silver eonake veins writhe outward from the globe across the clenched fist, and the combination of the cut of the stone and the metallic inlay create the illusion of crimson sparks when the piece is caught by the light. Across the wrist is inscribed in runic block letters: "We are thy hand. Our will be done, on Elanthia as on the moons above."
  • a clenched veniom hand insignia - Officer Insignia (purchasable only by officers) - 30k
    Dusky blue veniom-plated fingers envelop a gemstone globe that has been cut with a fractal lightning arc. Ruddy eahnor veins writhe outward from the globe across the clenched fist, and the combination of the cut of the stone and the metallic inlay create the illusion of crimson sparks when the piece is caught by the light. Across the wrist is inscribed in runic block letters: "We are thy hand. Our will be done, on Elanthia as on the moons above."


Qalinor recites:
    "There are so many who contributed to the recent victory over the lich and his demons.  The Crown, and myself personally, wish to thank Champion Menos, Visitor Whirlin and his mercenary force Hand of the Arkati, Squires Hanshayr and Taye, Lady Jiarine, Lord Githros, Squire Cigger, and Roblar from the west.  I would also like to thank the Argent Mirror Myasara for sending Guard Captain Murstyr into Old Ta'Faendryl.  The aid of the Shining City will not be forgotten.  I am certain there are more deserving names, but there is dining and dancing to come and I have some individual awards to issue.  If I have not named you, it is not because your deeds have gone unnoticed.  Thank you all to everyone who participated in the battles, defenses, and assault on Old Ta'Faendryl."

Speaking to Treeva, Qalinor says, "For time spent in battle defending the Fortress at great personal risk, I hereby award you the Silver Dragonstalk for distinguished service to House Vaalor."
Speaking to Arshwikk, Qalinor says, "For time spent in battle defending the Fortress at great personal risk, I hereby award you the Silver Dragonstalk for distinguished service to House Vaalor."
Speaking to Siierra, Qalinor says, "For time spent in battle defending the Fortress at great personal risk, I hereby award you the Silver Dragonstalk for distinguished service to House Vaalor."