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During a couple of weeks of Phoenatos 5123, Uniana traveled to Ta'Nalfein to secure contracts between the Gilded Talon from the Eastern Seaboard Collective of Traders. She also used these meetings in an attempt to gather information about greater concerns regarding the lack of security and support from King Qalinor and his government with regards to Mistwatch and the eastern seaboard.

As she approached the garden table set for lunch he noticed how golden her skin had gotten, something he missed in welcoming her home the night before after their prolonged separation. But now in the light of day, he could see against the soft jade silk of her chiton how the sun had warmed the tone of her pale flesh.

"I see you enjoyed the pleasures of the Talsen Lakes well enough during your trip," he quipped before taking a drink of lemonade.

Uniana leaned in to kiss the cheek of her husband before taking a seat next to him, looking over the light afternoon spread. "I did some work," she responded wryly. She reached out to spoon a salad of acistira leaves laced with maedatha goat cheese onto her plate before continuing, "we have secured a triad of new contracts from the collective, others were hesitant as they feel we are too closely aligned to the Crown's interests."

Teveriel drew his mouth into an even line, his wife knowing that it was meant as an expression of disdain. "As if the Sovereign's interests are not the safety and well-being of all who set foot within his realm."

She sighed and rested her silverware against the fine porcelain of her plate. He took note of her hesitation and instructed gently, "I would hear it all."

"I do not know who but one of the Council of Regents has vocalized no confidence in Qalinor," she added to clarify the poignancy of the revelation, "enough that it could be faithfully repeated to me though the source would not reveal them by name."

Teveriel threaded his fingers on the table, grounding his thoughts momentarily. "For a variety of reasons, the path forward is clear. We must discover -who-."