Urpy (prime)

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"No quarter given to those dogs foolish enough to cross me crew."
Race Human
Culture Seareach
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Class Rogue
Profession Buccaneer
Religion Worshiper of Onar.
Affiliation(s) House Paupers, Raise Your Stout Krew, Adventurer's Guild, The Western Sea Trading Company.
In-a-Word Determined.
Disposition Protective and caring towards friends and strangers, wrathful towards enemies.
Demeanor Urpy sees the lands full of opportunity. She seeks to elevate herself and those around her such that they may prosper together.
Primary Trait Protective.
Secondary Trait Ruthless.
Flaw Urpy may seem stubborn at times, her determined nature getting her into trouble.
Greatest Strength Resourcefulness
Greatest Weakness Flaring temper
Habits Urpy can often be found in the Landing's Town Square where she enjoys performing.
Hobbies Enjoys writing and performing songs from her many sea voyages.
Soft Spots Has a soft spot for beautiful women.
Likes Enjoys a swift kill and a hearty drink in equal measure.
Dislikes Slavery.
Fears Being one of the few surviving members of her bloodline, Urpy fears being alone.
Loyalties Family, Friends, and Crew.
Best Friend Yardie (Adopted Brother).
Children None.

Urpy was born to a family of fishermen outside of Brisker's Cove. Her family was set in their ways, following old spirits and older customs. A happy childhood on the coast was shattered by Krolvin raiders who sought to make slaves of Urpy and her kin. On a fishing vessel at the time of the raid, Urpy hid in the nets and watched as her life was torn asunder, resulting in a deep hatred for the Krolvin and slavers. After the raids, Urpy was discovered by empire soldiers who came too late to stop the damage to her village. Being a young girl on the crest of womanhood at the time, Urpy was sent to a workhouse for orphans. She did not stay long at the workhouse though, Urpy plotted and made good her escape. Finding employment on a merchant ship, she began her sailing career fetching powder and serving drinks to the crew.

After a few months underway, the ship was attacked by a pirate vessel and Urpy was given the choice of joining them or dying. Stating her hatred of the empire and her desire for revenge, Urpy joined the crew and enjoys a fruitful career of plotting to undermine the Empire's trade routes on the western sea.

Full Title

Urpy's full title is Her Majesty Lady Urpy the Eloquent, Siren of the Deep. This is used in extremely formal occasions when announcements are necessary. Otherwise she prefers to be called Lady Urpy.

  • Siren of the Deep was bestowed by, then captain, Jaysehn when he witnessed Urpy singing while boarding an enemy ship. Hiding behind some crates, she sang a few lines to draw the Krolvin to her position only to leap from hiding at the last minute and slit their throats.


You see Lady Urpy the Eloquent.
She appears to be a Human from Seareach.
She is taller than average.  She appears to be in the spring of life.  She has dark feather-lashed steel grey eyes and seashell white-tinted skin.  She has shoulder length, straight cranberry red hair swept back from the temples.  She has a narrow waist.
She has a wavy bladed dagger tattoo on her wrist, and a faceted ruby stud in her right nostril.
She is wearing a dark leather cowl, a crystal amulet, a dark ivory bead and suede choker, a silver-bladed dagger medallion, a knee-length brushed ebon suede coat lined with claret silk, a ruby-eyed black skull pin, a small golden Paupers pin, a turquoise-bound rat hide badge, a pair of black suede gloves, a bolt-crested sleek finger tab, a wooden shield, a riveted thick leather knapsack, a bright gold ring, an onyx scarab band, a pouch-lined matte black leather belt studded with scarabs, a small invar lockpick case, a large black leather sack, a studded black suede belt pouch with a silver-edged flap, some jet black leggings, an onyx-inlaid black leather thigh-sheath, and a pair of dark suede boots.


  • Banner: a black flag with a cracked white skull over a ruby stripe