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Features of my ideal FE

In my opinion, the ideal FE for OSX will be

  • Pretty
  • FAST (Avalon being much slower than SF or Wizard still blows my mind, though now I can appreciate why)
  • Use the XML feed, mostly so that it will highlight anything that can be interacted with, not so you can click it. For example, walking into a room and having the word 'arch' or 'curtain' or 'relief' or whatever highlighted would go a long way to removing what I see as the biggest unfair advantage of SF over other FE's.
  • query command that would tell me the list of verbs that are available to the object. So like with Siolan sheaths (in GS), you can click on the sheath, and if the verbs push/pull show up, you know it's a Siolan sheath. This is something a non-SF user has no way of determining through OOG mechanics like that. So I'd have a FE command like, -query <object> that would tell me the list of verbs that came along in the XML stream for that object.
  • Script creation/management
  • Export all information to plugins (Roomname, username, stats, etc)
  • YASSE compatible, and maybe support even more advanced scripts, perl, python, whatever? Regex's
  • Consistant monster highlights, I don't know if avalon works, but I know wizard only gets them on "you also see:" and not when they walk into a room, etc
  • Command-line and script-managable highlights