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Projects in various states of progress:

NPC Shops

  • Working template is up while more NPC shop data is captured
    Trying to figure out how to make inventory entries list numerically, to match ORDER number
    PRE block doesn't always render correctly and will line break in a misleading way -> Make it more like The Crystal Lotus
    Plan to incorporate optional fields for weight/capacity to make it easier and cleaner (fields will show only if there's data for it)
  • VANKRASN39 has most data for WL and surrounding, MH and surrounding, TI (and surrounding?)
  • In progress: IMT, PF, WL/SH trail
  • Still need SH, ZL, RR, TV... Cysaegir? Sylvaerrend? Ravelin?
  • Still need prices for some shops

Tourist/Newbie Guide to [Locale]

  • Idea: bottom navbar per town
    Standard Shops (Inn, Weapons, Armor, Locks, Gems, Herbs, Healer, Cleric)
    Specialty Shops (Boutiques, Restaurants, etc)
    Places of Interest
  • What do the town crests look like?

Adventurer Profiles

  • Adventurer infobox
  • Get permission to wikimortalize some more established/notable contribution players

Make {prettytable} prettier

  • standardize widths for cleaner multi table pages
  • find out what's causing random extra thick black bars and get rid of it

Character Creation

  • add Return to Top
  • do I need to clarify the spell spheres?

Talk to The Powers That Be

  • Comp and present plan to redo Main Page, ask for access/permission
    For example, Latest News is really outdated
  • Ask for assets: official logos; page assets like images of gems, weapons, etc.
    Prettify gswiki: right now the gem image for Stubs is not very good quality.
  • Ask for permission to format official/protected docs to make easier to read (just layout/readability, no edits)