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General problems noted by wizards

Wizard Bolt / Ball Spells

Overview: Bolt / ball spells are the staple of the classic wizard. Yet, bolt spells don't show the equivalent returns in killing creatures that other AS-based forms of attack enjoy.

Problem: Applying crit to random body part (can't target / aim at body part)
Detail: Wizard bolt / ball spells and associated critical tables do not perform as well (quick kills) as other AS-based attacks (see table)
GM solution: Channel bolt / ball spell increases probability of striking critically vulnerable area and reduces crit randomization effect
Opinion: Keeping wizard in offensive stance for 3 seconds, when contrasted with CS spells being in guarded stance and with the ability to kill immediately on cast is an additional negative factor wizards face with bolts
PC Solution: Allow Rapid Fire (515) to reduce the hard round time associated with channeling - presently specifically disallowed

Problem: DFs/AvD advantages of Bolt attacks are not structured in a manner to grant consistent incentive to higher or lower level casting
Detail: One of the most efficient bolts available in the game isn't even in the wizard spell list (Steam (1707)) while another is a first level spell (Minor Shock (901)) (see table)
GM solution: None have been offered
Opinion: None
PC Solution: None have been offered

Problem: Spell buffs that increase wizard bolt AS are actually not buffs - they're spells designed to reach 'baseline'
Detail: Recognizing magical bolts are still bolts, with the decreased DS in many cases as a result - more and more creatures are getting spells designed specifically to add DS to bolt defense, decreasing the 'buff' value to 'necessity'.
GM solution: Increase in AS for casting an additional bolt spell at the same target (Elemental Focus (513) EL:F bonus)
Opinion: Capped at +25 and requires several subsequent casts to even reach that cap - never available on first cast
PC Solution: Surge spell - something that when active, actually buffs the bolt AS (like Spirit Strike (117))

Keystone Go-To Attack Spell

Overview: Most spell using professions have a keystone attack spell (or spells) that they utilize for capped hunting. As reference - Immolate (519) used to function as this spell before changes.

Problem: No reliable single-target single-cast death-dealing spell or combination of spells available to the wizard
Detail: Wizard bolt / ball spells - intentionally or no - are attrition-based spells, wizard CS-based spells are few and those spells do not perform as well as other profession CS-based spells
GM solution: Open / unaddressed
Opinion: N/A
PC Solution: Several suggestions provided - return death-dealing reliability to Immolate (519), create second-cast supercharged capabilities (like Spirit Slayer (240)), fix bolt / ball spells to fill the niche, implement Elemental Overload (940) suggestion

Specific problems noted by wizards (placeholders for now)


Invisibility (916)

General improvement wishes (placeholders for now)

Collapse bolt / ball spells into single spell types - use lores to select element cast

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