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Ritual Potions hold liquids of some sort and allow you to pour them out onto the ground in the shape of a temporary, interactive ritual circle.


You analyze the blood potion and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This blood potion is intended to be a ritualistic potion of some sort.  You can try to POUR, TURN, TILT, DRINK, and MEASURE it.

Some skilled merchants can alter this potion.  It can have a long or a show description, though generally the visible description should match up in some way with its contents.  Ideally, the noun is a container (since you are pouring out of it), though in some cases something more generic like "potion" will be acceptable.  You should also be explicit with the merchant about what sort of liquid is contained within it.  The liquid will always need to make sense within this phrasing:  "a circular stain of <liquid descriptor> <liquid noun>" -- and it must be appropriate for pouring out and leaving a visible stain on the ground, such as "blood", "venom," and things of that nature.  Note that the <liquid noun> must fit within 15 characters.  The <liquid descriptor> can be longer but most merchants will not allow counts to go too far beyond 15.  (Currently the liquid is: silver-streaked blood.)