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Quilic is an Assistant GameMaster, assigned to the Subscriptions team, with a focus on Mist Harbor/Premium.

Quilic Story Time {QST}

The Nazhor Chronicles: Chapter Two: For those who want to set their calendars: #QST, AKA the upcoming FWI storyline, begins on June 27th. QST will run Thursdays from 9pm to 10-ishpm and Sundays from 4pm to 6pm (all times EST). All levels are welcome!

I advance the story through QST primarily, but there will be other smaller things happening outside of those hours in Mist Harbor. I also:

  • Co-create vignettes on the forums with other players
  • Work with players to react to their choices inside QST hours
  • Work with players to react to their choices outside of QST hours

I hope to see you all for QST!

My Storylines

The Quilic Rules (QR) Code (patent pending)

QR Code 1: Active Storytelling

I'm here to tell role-playing stories. This means I want you to play your character's role actively, not passively.

I can hear it now, "But, how can I do that when you already know the plot, backstory, and where the story is going to go and I don't?"

While this is true and I do have a start and an end for my story, I'm very open to taking a convoluted path through the middle with your character's involvement/development co-occurring alongside the ongoing storyline. Think of it like D&D, instead of a computer game. I tell you, "The politician stands up in front of the crowd and says, 'I solemnly swear to tell the truth, and I can assure you that I did not steal that goat!'"... and then I stare at you uncomfortably, waiting for you to tell me what your character does in reaction.

Some Important Caveats:

  • Obviously this needs to be done somewhat carefully on my end. My stories are already written, and won't be shifting significantly at the end. As a result, I might have to say 'no' to some ideas, but I'm pretty good at negotiating that out with you. If you want to do X, but that won't work, I'll let you know, and suggest Y instead, and so forth.
  • We also can't have a TON of these, as the story is meant to be played out primarily through QST. That said, an idea that you send might just as easily be something that can be incorporated live into QST, so don't let that stop you.
  • None of this is mandatory, by any stretch of the imagination. The story will progress just fine without it. But it's a way that people who are interested to do so can get more immersed in the story, and make their character really be a part of it.

"But, but, Quilic! How do we let you know that we want to be involved more actively?"

Contact me on Discord at Quilic#5737 (preferred) or Here's an example of what this could look like:

An Example of How to Be An Active Participant: Vignette
Say your character is quiet, bookish, and passive. They aren't a very high level, they aren't very comfortable in front of crowds, but they want to be involved. Your character is very much at home in a library. You would message me and say (again, think D&D), "Hey, my character is really well acquainted with the library in Ta'Illistim, and I'd like to go research there and see if I can find any mention of the meek in any of the old tomes."
I'd say, "Awesome! OK, do you want to do that live, or in a vignette?"
Your character can't really make it to QST, because of scheduling, so you say a vignette would work better.
I'd tell you what your character did or didn't find (again... D&D), and then your character would have that knowledge in-game, and could tell whoever she liked.
And the vignette would be posted on the officials.
Examples of things you can do:
  • Private meeting with an NPC
  • Go digging in the jungle
  • Try and bribe a guard
  • Hunt around town looking for someone who knows something about X
  • Again... just about anything you can imagine. The key here is I have to be active at the time you want to do it. It won't do you any good to go digging in the jungle if I'm not around to provide the right messaging.
An Example of How to Be An Active Participant In-Game During Non-QST
As above, this starts with getting ahold of me and pitching your idea. I'm quite flexible about this, and am usually able to accommodate odd schedules (with some warning). Let me know what you'd like to do, and we'll set it up.
An Example of How to Be An Active Participant In-Game During QST
This one's easy. Show up, and play your character. I go out of my way to learn the characters involved, and then yank them into the storyline when there's a chance to do so. One of the best tools I've found for this is the use of MYCHAR THINKS by the players. I see them all, and note them all, and it helps me pinpoint the 'right' person for Role X, when it comes up. I don't want you to be the loudest, or the most dramatic, or anything else. I want you to play your character. I promise I'll do everything I can to play along in the heat of the moment, but if I don't, or if I miss something? Then message me after and we'll work something out for you to play your character going forward.

"But, Quilic, I don't know what is possible for me to do?!"

Examples of things I'd love to play along with:

  • Communes
  • Assassination attempts
  • Torture sessions
  • Spying on the 'other' guys
  • Clandestine meetings
  • Research in an old library

Pretty much anything you can think of, I can find a way to make work. You decide what works for your character, let me know, and we make it work. The sky's (*almost) the limit.

QR Code 2: Feedback

I adore feedback. Good AND Bad. You're not going to hurt my feelings (promise) by being blunt with me. I'm still getting the hang of this, and I need to know what's not working, so I can tweak things. Please, speak your mind, and I promise I'll listen. At the end of the day, my job is to make this fun for you.

QR Code 3: Word Choice

Words matter. A lot. I can be esoteric, ambiguous, or exclusionary... and it's almost always intentional.

QR Code 4: Accept No Or Be Flexible

I have no problems saying 'no'. So feel free to shoot the moon with ideas or your RP. I'll let you know if you go out of bounds. I'm still constrained (just like all GMs) by the rules, but there's lots of wiggle room if you're creative and flexible.

QR Code 5: Puzzles

Most of my storylines will feature puzzles which, if solved, will make things easier as the end of the chapter approaches. They are not required, however, and the chapter can be 'finished' without solving any of them. Note, however, that if you go that route, you might get to the end of the chapter and still be thoroughly confused about what just happened!

QR Code 6: Activity Outside QST

I will absolutely be messing with people outside of QST. I want this to be immersive for you guys as much as possible. However, to ensure that people who are scheduling their involvement to be available at QST don't get left out, nothing unique/critical will be done outside of QST. Any clues, signs, etc. given at these alternate times are just reinforcing or restating things that were already revealed at QST.