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I am Scribes.

Wiki Requests

Yo! If there's a fix or correction or if you have a suggestion concerning the protected articles, feel free to leave it on my talk page!

Scribes Challenges

Feeling bored? Looking at the wiki and thinking, "I want to do something, but what?" Then check out a Scribes Challenge! These are a variety of non-official challenges for the wiki bored which have the only award being one's sense of accomplishment! (Hurray?) Check out the link below if you want something to work on, but currently just haven't a clue as to what to work on. You'll get an authentic, "Atta boy! (or girl!)" from your reasonable fond of GameMaster!


Former player since '90s, present GameMaster since approximately 2007.

Former Duty

  • Guru of Half-Krolvin
  • Guru of Humans
  • Guru of River's Rest

Present Duty

  • Guru of Giantkin
  • Guru of Wordsmiths
  • Wiki Aware Staffer




Other stuff. Document Transcription Project

List of Documents on I need to finish transcribing!

  • Note: Players - Please feel free to add to this list any documents located on that are not yet on the wiki. Thanks!

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Talk Page: (Not recommended for immediate response)