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Redux, also known as Damage Reduction, is the ability of a character to resist damage as a result of physical training, resulting in less health loss as well as reducing or negating the severity of a wound. This is not to be confused with Defensive Strength (DS), which reduces the endroll in the combat formula. Redux does not activate until the character is successfully hit, when it will reduce the damage correspondingly.

Redux Terms Used

RP: Redux Points: These are obtained from training in physical skills for your character. Each physical skill grants a specific quantity of points that are used in subsequent calculations.

Spell Penalty Tier: Spell Penalties are bucketed as a function of your individual spell research training relative to your level. Each tier applies a level of penalty against your current Redux quantity.

Spell Penalty: A function of the Spell Penalty Tier, the actual amount of reduction of Redux.

Redux Factors

Redux is achieved by training in physical skills, and are divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary skills. Primary skills provide 50 points towards redux, secondary skills provide 20 points, and tertiary provide 15 points. There is also a level based penalty associated with this function that decreases as you level.

Primary Skill: 50 points per rank

Secondary Skills: 20 points per rank

Tertiary Skills: 15 points per rank

Redux Points

RP = ((Primary * 50) + ((Secondary - TRUNC(550 / (level + 1))) * 20) + (Tertiary * 15)) / 20

Over 30% Diminished Returns

After 30% Redux (880 points after taking into account the level based penalty), the values have diminished returns applied to them:

IF RP>880 Then RP = 880 + MAX(0,TRUNC((RP-880)/3))

Redux Floor

RP > 264

A RP value of 264 is required before Redux will take effect. This has been greatly simplified from a variety of up and downstream equations.

Calculating Redux from RP

Redux = 1 - ((264/RP)/2)

Spell Penalties

Spell penalties adjust your Redux by multiplying your effective Redux by a spell penalty value based on your spell research training and your level. There are specific spell research training thresholds when the spell penalties increase, and each increase in threshold has a unique additional penalty associated with it. The specific thresholds and penalties are outlined below.

Redux Spell Penalty Tables

The following tables contain a complete list of the redux spell penalty percentages for characters level 30 to 100. The penalties are located at the intersection of a character's level (top row) and total spell ranks known (left column). A cell entry of 0 indicates that there is no penalty for that spell rank. Example, L96 with knowledge of 4 total spells has no redux penalty. but will have a 6% penalty upon learning the 5th rank. Conversely, a cell entry of 100% signifies that the character has no redux. Example, a L100 character with 197 spell ranks.

Levels 30 to 49

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Levels 50 to 69

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Levels 70 to 89

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Levels 90 to 100

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Spell Penalty Calculation based on Tier

There are two unique spell penalty calculations, dependent upon whether you are below or above 1x Spell Research training. However, even though this equation is incredibly detailed, the penalties are rounded UP to the whole percentage.

  • Below 1x: Penalty = 100 - 5.5615X + .5444X^2 - 0.0303X^3 + 0.0006X^4
  • Between 1x and 2x: 60 - 5.7959X + .1979X^2 - .0031X^3
  • Above 2x: No Redux

The chart below shows these equations in action:

Order of Operations

Redux, consists of two parts. Part I functions against the weapon damage factor is reduced by the redux factor and the resulting reduced raw damage determines the maximum critical rank. Part II includes an additional raw damage reduction plus critical damage reduction.

Conventional AS resolved Attack

For the purposes of this comparison, there is an assumption of a working knowledge of the combat system.

Redux is applied twice in the damage resolution process:

Reduxed Raw Damage MAX(1,TRUNC(Raw Damage*(1-Redux))

This new Redux'ed Raw damage is used as the baseline for determining critical

(Reduxed Raw Damage + Critical weighting - Critical Padding)/Critical Divisor

This is used to determine Critical Tier, and subject to randomization

Blood Loss = ((Reduxed Raw Damage + Critical Damage)*(1-Redux)) + Damage Weighting - Damage Padding