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A Bit About Me

Seeing as you are reading this, I only assume you are either trying to contact me, or read about me. For those of you in the first, simply IM me assuming I am online. For more information about me, I suppose some will suffice. I am a relatively (in my eyes) new Gemstone player, who has taken a particular liking to understanding and learning the systems by which much of the game functions. For the amount of time I have been in the Gemstone universe, I have been told by a few I know a suprising amount about how things work, particularly Sorcery, which is by far my favorite profession. So, I make it my goal to help educate those who are interested in the workings of the game in whatever way I can. I'm both a teacher and student at heart, I'm always willing to teach that which I know, and learn that which I don't, as long as its something I'm interested in. Feel free to IM me and strike up a conversation some time, or just ask a question if thats all you want. Maybe, just maybe, I might know the answer.

AIM: DarkerCompanion

Current Projects

Demon Traits

Areas of Particular Gemstone Interest and Knowledge



The Aishan Demon Archetype

The Valences


Planar Shifting (740)


Kastrel's Adventurer's Guild Badge!

The suede badge is bound with polished lapis lazuli and bears the legend, "The Adventurer's Guild". Beneath are the embossed images of an ancient scroll on the left side and a cowering orc on the right, with an amethyst mounted between them. At the very bottom is a tiny bolted plate inscribed with the name, "Kastrel Tyraegen".