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Hi, I'm Robert...  and I play GemStone.  <applause>
This is Robert, and although I am not a female dwarf, I play one in GemStone.

Somehow, neither of those looks quite right.

I started playing GemStoneIII in either September or October of 1993, got disgusted with how little a Fighter could do and scrapped him to roll up a Thief, then rolled up Krakii (a cleric) as a sort of uber-Fighter (now, with spells!) in January of 1994. After that, things get a little hazy.

Many years later, I'm still in GemStone4, with Krakii and a bunch of other different kind of characters. I don't play nearly as much now--when it's thirty bucks for all-you-can-play for a month--as I did back then (when it was $6/hour), which probably says something.

But hey, I don't really play the game all that much anyway: mostly I play the Bulletin Boards. So for thirty bucks a month I get all these really cool bulletin boards to read... and a free on-line game to go with it! Whee! (Okay, actually, that probably says something, too.)