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This is the user page for Matt Tobia, the player of Lavastene and Karaj as well as many others from time to time.


Matt is a Computer Systems Specialist with Dairylea Cooperative in Syracuse, New York. He attended Syracuse University and currently lives with two of his friends from college. He is a Syracuse Football and Syracuse Basketball season ticket holder and travels to many of their away games.

Contact info

Web:, [


AIM: GS4Lavastene

In 2001, Matt began development of a website that would store information about the items found in Elanthia. His interest in item information stemmed from an interest in Merchanting in the game. While it hasn't been updated in over a year and a half, the website contains information on over 2000 items. Updating the website with more information is one of Matt's priorities for the coming year.

ZombieFE and phpFE

Last year, Matt begain considering the idea of developing a front end for Linux operating systems. The name of this client was going to be ZombieFE. After a short period of time, ZombieFE was shuffled very low on his priority list. In place of ZombieFE, Matt began working on a web-based client using the PHP programming language titled, phpFE.