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OOC Mechanical & Stylistic Notes to Self

At the end of the session, I'd very much like to complete a woven bracelet with the 3 of 218 herbs that appeared during the reading. (TODO: Investigate if it's possible to forage all herbs. Consider substitutes or consider only providing some of the herbs.) If the reading requires growth or moving on, perhaps instruct the participant to burn the weaving of their reading and imagine an outcome in their minds eye.

Remember, as an Empath, Cerri has an affinity to herbal healing. In her backstory, she was an herbalist before she was an Empath. If I can get enough summoning lore and they appear as cards, I should consider using the herb summoning spell to summon them fresh in front of the client. How cool would THAT be??

For the question portion, strike a balance between teaching tarot layouts and choosing the correct one for the situation. Ideally, it should be fast to explain the kinds of questions that can be asked which should lead to clearer answers based on the style chosen.