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Ritualistic tools

These tools are currently owned by Cerridween
an ebon-dyed silver ash case
--a glossy raven feather ritual fan
--a silver-veined black opal bowl
--a silver and obsidian chalice
--an opal-hilted silver ash athame
--a petite obsidian vial with a silver rose stopper

She shows you an ebon-dyed silver ash case, which she is holding in her right hand.

 Beneath the wash of ebon dye that coats the case, the elegant grain can be seen as darker striations, a host of aimless ribbons that roam over the lid and sides.  Each of the three hinges at the rear of the case are of blackened silver, as is the latch, which has been wrought into a pair of spread raven wings that overlap to lock.  Each vane in the feathers glistens faintly, a quality lent by the dusting of black opal chips across their surface.
A piece of sleek black raven-embossed vellum affixed to the back of the silver ash case reads, "Crafted by Idasis. Ebon Gate, Caligos Isle 5118."

She shows you a glossy raven feather ritual fan, which she is holding in her right hand.

 The handle of this fan is short and broad, a half-moon of embossed silver meant to be cradled in the palm of the hand.  Ebony pigmenting has been rubbed over the metal, settling into the rose and vine design to add depth and contrast to each petal and thorn.  From the upper curve of the handle, a dense overlapping of glossy raven feathers flares outward, their iridescent blue-violet sheen a striking complement to the similarly flared opal beads interwoven among their quills.

She shows you a silver-veined black opal bowl, which she is holding in her right hand.

 Irregularly shaped pieces of black opal have been fused together to form this bowl, the voids between each stone filled with silver in a matte texture.  The flat finish of the metal is a sharp contrast to the opals, their deep ebony hue fraught with flares of violet and cerulean, crimson and vibrant gold.  Within the curved interior, a stone here and there has been etched with a graceful feather, the placing of each purposeful to create a spiral that rings the lip of the bowl and coils down to the base.

She shows you a silver and obsidian chalice, which she is holding in her right hand.

 The bowl of the chalice has been fashioned of thinly hewn obsidian, with the lip sanded down to a smooth edge and the rest textured in featherly swathes to the lower curve.  Silver rises to embrace the obsidian, rose vines that curl to provide a stabilizing cradle before twining downward to form the stem of the chalice.  At the base, the vines fan out into overlapping leaves that hide among them miniature black opal roses in various stages of bloom.

She shows you an opal-hilted silver ash athame, which she is holding in her right hand.

 Though the edges of the athame's blade are blunt and smooth, the subtle, drifting undulations natural in the wood's grain give the illusion of movement beneath the protective coating of lacquer like liquid moonlight made physical.  At the base of the blade is a circular guard of silver, a disc formed of woven rose vines bereft of thorns and set with miniature black opal roses.  Silver adorns the hilt as well, an openwork cage of leafy vines that encases a solid measure of black opal.

She shows you a petite obsidian vial with a silver rose stopper, which she is holding in her right hand.

 A simple parchment label affixed to the obsidian vial reads, "Enchanted Violet Feystone Slivers."