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ArmyJen - I've been adding easily seen creature abilities to your list on this page. I love how you have it set up and would like it to go to it's own wiki page at some point.

If my additions are not tested enough for this page I can stop adding them directly, let me know.


This is good! Thanks Taenar. Feel free to keep adding stuff. :) ARMYJEN

Not sure if this is a death flare, but it comes from 'flexile'

As the trali shaman falls, an incandescent beam lashes out and strikes you!  A frigid cloud of ice envelops you!
   ... 10 points of damage!
   You falter as a chill blast of air strikes your left leg!
   You are stunned for 1 round!
A flexile trali shaman collapses upon the ground and the life fades from her eyes.
The opalescent aura fades from around a flexile trali shaman.
A flexile trali shaman seems to lose an aura of confidence.
The dim aura fades from around a flexile trali shaman.

DOUG (talk) 11:08, 17 July 2020 (CDT)