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Uploaded Images

Hello! I enjoyed reading about your character, Naamit. While I was reviewing updates on her character page, Naamit (prime), I noticed that you did not include the artist or source information for her profile image, File:Naamit-20201221.jpg. The artist's name or source must be noted for images uploaded to the wiki. Please see Help:Style#Copyrights for more information about the requirement to provide the source and artist name for all images uploaded to GSwiki. If you are the artist who created the artwork, you can simply note that instead. If you need an example of how to do this, the character page Arenglae (prime) does this very clearly for all of the portraits. Additionally, if the image was created using AI software, you will need to note what software was used to create it. Unfortunately simply stating that you own the copyright to the image is not sufficient. As an example, it can be as simple as, "Image created by the uploader using MidJourney" (or whatever software is appropriate). Thanks for understanding! I'll check back in soon to see if this information has been updated.

(And, so you are aware, I did remove the redirect from your User talk page to inquire about this to facilitate communication. It can be added back in again once you have received this message if you want it to remain there.) HOST-GSKEBECHET (talk) 10:54, 19 December 2022 (CST)

HOST-GSKEBECHET (talk) --- Attributions are listed further down on the page under the portraits [[1]] section. If it is doubly required on the thumbnail at the top of the Naamit page, then I will remove the thumbnail entirely. If this is instead about the source page located at File:Naamit-20201221.jpg, then I can update that, though it doesn't appear other users are required to do the same. Your clarification is appreciated in this matter, thanks. NAAMIT (talk)
Thanks for the super speedy response! What you have in the Portraits section is more than sufficient and no further attribution is needed. I realize that many character pages are a bit hit or miss right now, however the wiki team is diligently working toward ensuring that all artists are properly credited for their work. Thank you again! HOST-GSKEBECHET (talk) 11:26, 19 December 2022 (CST)