Vaemyr (prime)

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Vaemyr Gateuser
Do what must be done
Race Sylvan
Class Sorcerer
Religion Fash'lo'nae
Affiliation(s) Guild
Disposition Stoic, Calm
Demeanor Polite, Helpful
Primary Trait Inquisitive
Flaw Self-Sacrificing
Greatest Strength Solving Problems
Greatest Weakness His past
Hobbies Sailing, Researching, Traveling
Soft Spots Children
Likes Research, Debates, New places
Dislikes People who don't listen to reason
Fears Being used against others
Loyalties Friends, Town
Best Friend Many
Spouse Deceased

Vaemyr Gateuser, born on the 20th of Phoenatos, 4773, is a Sylvan Sorcerer whose home is Wehnimer's Landing, where he was recently selected as a candidate for Town Council in the 5121 election year.


You see Vaemyr Gateuser.

He appears to be a Sylvankind.

He is tall. He appears to be mature. He has sparkling crystal blue eyes and fair skin. He has long, amber hair with a black streak running through it. He has a delicate face, a thin nose and angular pointed ears.

He is wearing an enruned witchwood locket, an enruned witchwood pendant burned with an intricate summoning circle, a thick scarlet jacket, a silver-capped leather scroll case, a black spidersilk vest, some enruned spidersilk boots, a greasy-gadget clasped battle harness with a scaly-barked storm grey illthorn runestaff capped with a cluster of razern shards poking high overhead, and a sculpted viper skin arming coat fashioned with black ora studs.


Town Council Application, 5121

Application Questions:

1. What does Wehnimer's Landing mean to you?>

This may sound a bit strange given it's history.  I don't really think of Wehnimer's as my "home" per se.  It's something more than that.  I travel a good bit, but Wehnimer's seems to always end up as my destination in the end.  It's the place I've lived off and on for 20 years, and it's the place that just seems to always be there.  It's my rock and guide post as I travel around.  The people there are my family, even if I wish to strangle some of them sometimes.  It's the Landing.

2. What do you feel you can bring to Wehnimer's Landing, if serving on the town council?

I believe I excel at finding practical solutions to tough problems.  I try to not to hold bias so I believe I can get along with almost anyone and I've shown this from being able to work and talk with hot-headed figures like Thadston, strange and powerful like Barnom Slim, and even fanatical like the blood cult.  I always worked and strive toward finding the best solution for the town, even if it's not the best for myself.  I also bring a wealth of knowledge from around the world from magical to practical, and hope to again use that knowledge to help solve problems for the town.

3. What are the goals you would like to accomplish for Wehnimer's Landing? How would you do this?

My first goal would be to try and bridge the gap between many of the town's adventurers and the Darkstone Bay Consortium and the guilds around town as a whole.  There is a lot of bad blood between Amos and the adventurers.  He perhaps even did many shady things to obtain his current power.  But for the good of the town I think we need to look past that for now less history repeat itself and we create threats and adversaries where there doesn't need to be one.

As to how to accomplish this, I hope getting more of the adventurers involved in some of the other activities of the consortium would be a first step.  Similar to when Amos allowed some early investors into his Baystone mine.  I believe if they begin to see the fruits of labor, and have some investment themselves with the Guilds of the landing, then they will be less willing to try and threaten murder of our townsfolk in the middle of the square all the time.

Another goal is to help deal with the Rook situation once and for all.  If I am elected onto the council, I plan to advocate for a plan to offer conditional pardons to rooks that agree to join other jobs in the town such as what should be a newly formed militia by that time.  This gives incentive and also boosts the legitimate forces of our town's defenses.  If they truly wish to defend their freedoms, let them do so in the light.   Now as for the ones who disagree, I agree with the late Khylon.  If they refuse to come forward, hand over their mask, or if they are caught after receiving the pardon, then it shall be stripped and they shall be prosecuted for the crimes they have committed. 

As one last part of this, I want to address the rooks also at their heart, and I don't mean "Mother."  I wish to call on the town to finance and expand the orphanage in the town and to build a school as well to provide education and shelter to the children who've suffered the most under the recent chaotic events.  They shouldn't feel the "need" to join Mother and the other rooks just to try and survive.  The school should also be available to any and all children regardless of status, so we can promote education and learning in our youth, which will help our towns future. 

I will also of course strive to work with my other council members to help them accomplish their goals for the benefit of the town and it's people as the more policies and improvements we can accomplish, the better off we'll all be.

4. Describe your connection to Wehnimer's Landing, your history with the town and its people, and why this makes you the best choice for town council?

I've been a citizen of the landing for about the past twenty years.  Not always was it my home as I've traveled far and wide, even on some trips that have taken many years in order to return.  But I always returned here.  Until relatively recently I actually avoided much of the chaotic messes that the town has been wrapped up in, although I stepped in a few times here and there to try and help out.  Back when the grimswarm were first emerging and assaulting the town, even when Grishom first appeared and we shattered his statue thinking we managed to actually kill him.  However in that time I got to know many of the common folk.  I learned about the little things that mattered, and I also learned much about just the every day life of survival.

Yet in the past year I've tried to step up and do more.  To take what I'd learned in the past 20 years and apply it to the larger problems.  Looking for good practical solutions.  I like to think I've been pretty helpful especially with some of the events surrounding the blood cult in town, however I still feel like I could offer more.  That's the entire reason for this application for me.  I see a potential opportunity to do more for the town and thus I wish to see if the town will accept me.  As for why this all makes me the best choice for the town council?  I think that's a bit condescending without knowing who other candidates might be, situations that might occur, and certain expertise that might be useful at the time.  What I can say is I'll be the best Vaemyr for the town council as I can do, and bring all I can for the betterment of this town.

5.  Do you belong to any organizations, inside or outside of Wehnimer's Landing

I have joined various organizations here and there when I've had the need to, such as the sorcerer's guild to assist in my training, the adventurer's guild to provide various opportunities, a school in Illistim when I studied there for a time, even a one night stand as a blood cultist for some obvious reasons.  But I do not really consider myself as truly belonging to any of them.