Vathor club

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Vathor club is an understory shrub that grows in rainforest and tropical locations. It has palmate leaves and its woody stems are covered in thin spines. The pale green plant can grow to about 3ft in height and spreads to about 2ft wide at its base. Small clusters of greenish-white flowers are produced in dense umbels, while large leaves cluster in a spiral around it. The spines are where the species gets its name. The thick and thin yellow-tinged spines can easily irritate the skin of any who come in contact with it and will even remain on clothing after several washes to continue to be an irritant.


Found on tropical islands, the vathor club grows close to the forest floor and is shrub-like.


Vathor club can be used to make charcoal sticks for writing and its berries have a dark red pigment to them that can be used for dyes and paints. However, rangers have been known to develop an affinity that allows them to summon the plant in times of need.


Vathor club is bright green and yellow when healthy and alive, with dark red berries that resemble cranberries. When the plant is dried, it is dense and thin, never getting more than an inch across in diameter, and brittle. The spines remain intact and shed virtually everywhere.