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Type System
Demeanor-based No
Wedding No
System New Player
The ADVICE verb is available to characters below level two. It offers a new tidbit of useful information with each usage. This is not a looping message; once the end is reached that particular message will be the only one you receive.


Level 1 and below
Welcome to GemStone IV, one of the top multiplayer games in the world!

Whenever you are having trouble, simply type ADVICE and I will try and size up your situation and give you some instructions.

I see you have already learned how to move, and your new character is well supplied already.  Well done!
Now, let's see some of your character's stats.

Click on your character sheet.

(Remember to then select advice again for more guidance)
Your character's health is key to survival.  You should check it often when you are in combat or something bad happens which may damage your character.

To do so, at any time, look at your health bar.

(Remember to then select advice again for more guidance)
On this world, money is expressed in silver pieces.  You start with a small loan (your debt) so that you can buy supplies to get started.  You must spend this money wisely!  Once you are underway, there will be plenty of ways to acquire more.

To check your personal finances view your character sheet.

Later, I'll show you how to get to the bank where you can stash your money in a (relatively) safe place.
(Remember to then select advice again for more guidance)
To see where you are, click on look.  You will see obvious exits, but also keep an eye out for portals, doors, ladders, and other ways of moving from one place to another.
GemStone IV is a multiplayer environment which means you are not alone in the game.  Other players, just like you, are running their characters around the game.  You can see who is online at any time by typing: STATUS or WHO.

This will show you everyone who is online with you, but not where they are.  When another player is in the same room with you, their character will show up when you click on look.  You can then talk with them.  If the StormFront Client is in chat mode (shown as a chat bubble immediately left of the text entry bar), anything you type will automatically be messaged to the people in the room with you.

Don't be discouraged if someone seems to waltz right by.  After awhile players tend to rush through familiar rooms and might miss your greeting.

Seek help from other players when you can!  The vast majority are going to be quite friendly and perhaps take you under their wing and give you some advice this automated feature you are using now never could.  It will not take long for you to realize what makes a multiplayer computer game unbeatable fun!
You may view your inventory in two different ways, you can look at your inventory window or by selecting inventory quick link.  Keep in mind this will only show you what other people might see when they look at you.  To find out what is inside your sheath, click on the sheath and select the look in option.
If used outside a starting town
Continue to move around looking for kobolds and other creatures to attack and kill.  Avoid wolverines!  The area outside of town is huge.  Be sure you make a map so that you can find your way back to the town gate.
If used in front of a creature
 ** Watch out!  That town guard is going to be too tough for you to fight.  
Get away from it!
If used in front of creature around level
To prepare for an attack, drop your guard some.

Change your stance to ADVANCE (For more information on stance, click here)

Then attack the pus-covered rolton.

Click on the attack quick link or use the attack link located in the combat panel.
After the attack there will be a round time (a certain number of seconds you must wait before moving again).  After the roundtime set your stance back up to defensive to protect yourself from the counter blow of the creature.

This is done by adjusting your stance to DEFENSIVE
If used without weapon out outside of town
Your rune staff needs to be in your right hand to attack with.  Right now it is in your silver cloak.
To get it, click on the cloak then click on the rune staff and select get.
If used with weapon out in town
It is generally not polite to walk around town armed.  Now simply drag the staff into the cloak in your inventory window.  Optionally you may click on the sword icon found in the combat window.
You are starting your adventuring in the classic style:  Penniless.  To change that condition, your best bet is to find treasure, pelts, or at least armor and weapons from some monster, and pawn them for a few silvers.  When you have a few coins to rub together, you may wish to deposit them in the bank.
Level 2 and above
You have successfully made it past level 1, now you're on your own!  If you need help, don't forget to ask other players who are online and remember that if you really have trouble, use the ASSIST command to summon a GameHost.