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Type System
Profession Ranger
System Combat

The ASSUME verb can be used by Rangers with 50 ranks in the Ranger Base spell circle to take on beneficial characteristics of various wild animals.

See Assume Aspect (650) for more information.



     ASSUME STORE [ASPECT]     - Set default aspect.
     ASSUME SHIFT              - Toggle feature shift when under the effects of 650.
     ASSUME WOLF               - Aspect of the Wolf (Dexterity, Intuition).
     ASSUME JACKAL             - Aspect of the Jackal (Ambush).
     ASSUME LION               - Aspect of the Lion (Strength, Influence).
     ASSUME PANTHER            - Aspect of the Panther (Stalking & Hiding).
     ASSUME OWL                - Aspect of the Owl (Wisdom, Aura).
     ASSUME HAWK               - Aspect of the Hawk (Perception).
     ASSUME RAT                - Aspect of the Rat (Agility, Discipline).
     ASSUME PORCUPINE          - Aspect of the Porcupine (Logic, Wall of Thorns).
     ASSUME BEAR               - Aspect of the Bear (Constitution, Health Points).
     ASSUME SERPENT            - Aspect of the Serpent (Evasion).
     ASSUME BURGEE             - Aspect of the Burgee (Block).
     ASSUME MANTIS             - Aspect of the Mantis (Parry).
     ASSUME YIERKA             - Aspect of the Yierka (Survival, Herbs).
     ASSUME SPIDER             - Aspect of the Spider (Climbing, Web).


Only Rangers with at least 50 ranks in the Ranger Circle may assume animalian aspects.

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