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Type System
Profession Cleric
System Magic

COMMUNE is a verb specific to clerics and was introduced when the spell Prayer of Communion was deprecated and shifted to an inherent cleric skill. It allows cleric the ability to communicate with their deity of choice. Please see the article, Commune for more information on the mechanics of of the commune.


Note: This populates by entering COMMUNE by itself or as COMMUNE HELP.


You are not skilled in the art of communing.


    COMMUNE {deity name|deity number} - Commune and attempt to contact {deity}
    COMMUNE LIST                      - Displays a list of all deities you can attempt to contact



Using DEITY NAME or NUMBER will attempt to summon the selected deity for the commune.

First Your soul reaches out, and you channel your energies into opening up a link between yourself and <Patron>.
You fall into a deep trancelike state while muttering a quiet prayer in the hope that <Patron> will hear. After a few silent moments, you calmly open your eyes.
Third Cleric falls into a deep trancelike state while muttering softly, the exact words you cannot discern. After a few silent moments, cleric calmly opens her eyes.


COMMUNE LIST will pull up a list similar to CONVERT LIST in which a deity can be selected for commune.

|| Liabo Pantheon ||       || Neutral Pantheon ||       || Lornon Pantheon ||
1) Koar                    12) Zelia                    13) Fash'lo'nae
2) Lumnis                  58) Gosaena                  50) Eorgina
3) Ronan                   32) Aeia                     51) Sheru
4) Lorminstra              71) Arachne                  52) Luukos
5) Imaera                  72) The Huntress             53) V'tull
6) Phoen                   999) Other                   54) Mularos
7) Kai                                                  55) Ivas
8) Oleani                                               56) Marlu
9) Jastev                                               57) Andelas
10) Eonak                                               73) Amasalen
11) Cholen                                              74) Onar
14) Tonis                                               75) Ghezresh
31) Niima
33) Leya
34) Tilamaire
35) Laethe
36) Voaris
37) Kuon
38) Jaston
39) Voln
59) Charl

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