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Type System
Demeanor-based No
Wedding No
System Player Customization System
This verb allows players to view all of the special Spell Customizations, as well as DEATH, that they have.

Verb Info

>custom You have unlocked customizations of the following types:

         1215 - Custom Blink
          203 - Custom Manna (203)
          220 - Custom Major Sanctuary (220)
          505 - Custom Hand of Tonis Bolt Messaging
          511 - Custom Floating Disk
          610 - Custom Tangleweed (610)
          713 - Custom Balefire Bolt Messaging
     FIREWORK - Custom Firework
     TRANSFER - Custom Transfer Messaging

You are currently using 9 out of 150 available customization slots.

Type CUSTOM {type} to manage customizations of the specified type.