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Type System

EMPTY will move contents of one container to another in a flat 3 seconds roundtime. Not all contents may be moved at a time. It may take more than one attempt to move all items.


Note: This will populate with EMPTY by itself or EMPTY HELP.

    EMPTY {container} INTO {container}        Move all possible items from one container into another.
    EMPTY FEET [item|ALL]                     Move one or all items placed alongside you to the ground.


All contents empty
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Some contents remain or cannot be moved via EMPTY
>empty cloak in my kit
You try to empty the contents of your cloak into your kit, but you can't quite get several items to come out.
Roundtime: 3 sec.
R>l in my cloak
In the silk cloak:
other (4): a thick parchment charm (4).
>l in my kit
In the survival kit:
clothing (6): a slender silken coin purse, a slender brown leather sheath (5).
other (1): a dead cat.

In the case of jars, only containers with one ingredient or containers containing the same ingredient as what the jar already contains may be emptied into jars. Jars may be emptied into other empty jars or jars of the same ingredient, but jars may not be emptied into a normal container.


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