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FLAP is a roleplaying verb. It has special functionality for aelotoi.


Flap (non-aelotoi):

You flap your arms wildly in an attempt at flight.

XXX flaps her arms wildly.

Flap (aelotoi):

You flap your wings in a steady beat.

XXX flaps her wings in a steady beat.

Flap Person (aelotoi):

You flap your wings excitedly at XXX.

XXX excitedly flaps her wings at you.

Flap self (aelotoi):

You give your wings a rapid shiver.

XXX shivers her wings.

Flap item (aelotoi):

You glance at a towering gilded gate and flap your wings.

XXX just flapped her wings at a towering gilded gate.