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GRIND is used to produce ground, powdered, and mashed ingredients for Alchemy. It is also a roleplaying verb.


    GRIND TEETH    - Grind your teeth.


For proper use, one should hold a mortar containing a pestle and the item to be ground, powdered, or mashed, with the other hand empty. Most items can be ground 5 times before being completely ground, powdered, or mashed. The process used is dependent upon the item, and is not changeable by the character. (Certain items will always be ground, others always powdered, etc.)

Once an item is sufficiently ground, powdered, or mashed, it may be stored in an ingredients jar. (Some grindable items cannot be stored this way in their native state.)

GRIND-able items include most (if not all) forageable plant material, most (if not all) gems, and some creature skins (generally, only those actually used in Alchemy recipes in a ground, powdered or mashed state). Items which are not suitable, except for pestles, may not be placed in the mortar. Forageable herbs (such as acantha leaf, etc.) may be separated down to single doses prior to grinding, without having any impact on the usefulness of the results for Alchemy.

Noun Result
leaf adjective
root adjective
berry adjective
all others noun