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LOOT is the proper way to look for treasure on a creature. While SEARCH {creature} may also be used, LOOT can be used without a target to automatically search whatever is dead in the room.

One can set flag/set to automatically place treasure in an empty hand, although this may be dangerous as Defensive Strength (DS) drops with non-weapon/shields in hand. Flag/set may also be changed to automatically collect silvers, or leave them on the ground.

    LOOT         - SEARCH your last target or else the first dead creature in the room.
    LOOT ROOM    - Attempt to GET and STOW all treasure items on the ground in the room.
    LOOT {item}  - Attempt to GET and STOW the {item} if it is a treasure item on the ground in the room.
    LOOT {chest} - Attempt to GET and STOW any treasure items inside the open {chest} which you are holding.
                   (This must be a chest, trunk, coffer, box, or strongbox from the treasure system.)

You search the triton dissembler.
She had a banded mossbark runestaff.
She had 600 silvers on her.
You gather the remaining 600 coins.
She had a dragonfire opal on her!
Interesting, she carried a steel lockpick on her.
She had nothing else of value.
A triton dissembler's slick skin begins to rapidly desiccate and dissolve away, leaving nothing behind.

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