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The MEASURE verb can be used to determine the quantity contained in various measurable items, including food, liquids, herbs, or a bundle of skins.

Some items will be more accurately measured than others, depending on the item's properties.



>measure my cookie
The oatmeal raisin cookie looks like it has 3 bites left.


Medicinal potions are measured in doses, and other drinks in quaffs.

>measure my potion
The rose-marrow potion looks like it has 7 doses left.
>measure my juice
The blueberry juice looks like it has 5 quaffs left.

Some items may give more approximate measurements:

1 dose:
The <potion> has 1 <dose/quaff> left.
2 doses:
The <potion> has 2 <doses/quaffs> left.
3-4 doses:
The <potion> looks like it has a few <doses/quaffs>left.
5-10 doses:
The <potion> looks like it has several <doses/quaffs>left.
11+ doses:
You can't tell exactly, but the <potion> seems to have plenty of <doses/quaffs> left.


>measure my moss
The basal moss looks like it has 4 bites left.

Bundle of skins

1 skin:
You turn your <skin> over in your hands, peering at it from every angle.  Yep, sure looks like only one.
2+ skins:
You glance through your bundle and count a total of <#> <skins>.