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Pinch is a roleplaying verb


Pinch help:

    PINCH                           - Pinches your fingers together
    PINCH {self}                    - Attempt to wake yourself up
    PINCH {target}                  - Attempts to pinch a target
    PINCH {style}                   - Pinches in a particular style
    PINCH {style} {target}          - Pinches a target in a particular style

Where {style} can be one of the following:


Pinch head person:

>pinch head person
Focusing intently on Person, you hold up your fingers in front of your face and pinch them together, staring through the narrowing aperture.  You will crush them all!

Focusing intently on you, Person holds up two fingers in front of her face and pinches them together violently while staring intently through the narrowing aperture.  How odd.