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SASHAY is a roleplaying verb. It is also a style of movement.



You sashay about gracefully, just enjoying yourself.

Sashay self:

You sashay about in a circle with your head thrown back and arms wide.

Sashay person:

You sashay up to XXX.

Sashay behind person:

You gracefully to stand behind XXX.

Sashay behind item:

You sashay gracefully up behind a table.

Sashay item:

You sashay gracefully up to a table.

Sashay item in hand:

You sashay along, displaying your orase scepter!

Sashay left/right:

You sashay in a circle to your left/right.

Sashay left/right person:

You sashay in a graceful circle to the left/right around XXX.