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The Sell verb is used to sell items your character is not interested in retaining to various pawnbrokers. Each town has a furrier, pawnshop, consignment, and gemshop through which to exchange items to silvers to deposit in a bank against future needs.


General verb help information

>help sell
No help files matching that entry were found.
You let out a flaming volley of invective.

Appraise (while in shop holding item) the item's value

>appraise my crystal
You ask the pawnbroker to appraise an ayanad crystal.
The pawnbroker turns the crystal over in his hands a few times.
The pawnbroker says, "Hmm, a strange and unusual item to be sure. I'll give you 60 silver coins for it."
You gasp.

Sell the item to the pawnbroker

>sell my crystal
You offer to sell your ayanad crystal to the pawnbroker.
The pawnbroker takes your ayanad crystal, glances at it briefly, then hands you 60 silver coins.
You dance around the room to music only you can hear.

Others see the interaction

Adventurer steps aside to talk with the pawnbroker about his essence of air.
The pawnbroker takes Adventurer's essence of air, glances at it briefly, then hands him some silver coins.
>gaze (self)
You wrinkle your nose.
>gaze awe
You gaze with awe at your surroundings.