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Type Roleplaying
Profession Warrior
System Profession Guild

WTRICKS is the verb used for the Warrior Guild skill, Warrior Tricks.


Once this skill is mastered, the wtrick command will show the following:

You have learned the following Warrior Tricks:

  WFLIP       Flip weapon in the air and catch it.
  GUZZLE      Drink more while spending less time drinking.
  TSHEATH     Twirl your weapon and sheath it.
  WHOP        Hop over your weapon.
  SPIN        Spin your weapon about.
  APPRAISE    Estimate your opponent's combat worthiness.
  BALANCE     Balance a weapon on your palm, nose, chin, foot, or finger.
  SPIT        Send a mucus missile at your opponent.
  JUGGLE      Throw weapons around without getting cut.
  FEINT       A maneuver to confound your opponent.
  BACKFLIP    Heels over head.
  POLISH      Put a nice shine on a weapon or shield.
  DRAW        Bring out your nearest weapon.
  SPERF       Perfect your stance by 5%.
  INITIAL     Cut the air with your initials.
  ROLL        Tuck and roll to the left or right.
  SATTACK     Fly into battle while spinning in the air.
  TSLICE      Toss a food item in the air and annihilate it.
  CATCHS      Throw weapon in the air and catch it in a sheath.
  HAIRCUT     Harm one hair on your opponent's body.
  KSHEATH     Kick a weapon into the air and catch it with a sheath.
  SHEATHM     Make your own sheath in the Guild workshop.