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There are multiple ways in which the word script is used within GemStone.

Script can refer to the common code applied to a set of similar items which gives them some extra flavor outside of merely being an object which can be held or worn. These sort of scripts can refer to either a mechanical item script or a fluff item script. Item scripts can have ambient components (happening without any player-item interaction) or be triggered via verb traps. Common verb traps include RUB, TAP, and WAVE. An item will have unique messaging for each of its verbs that are trapped. Items which have had a script applied are referred to as being scripted, actioned, or zested. These terms are considered to be out of character (OOC).

  • A mechanical item script confers some mechanical benefit(s), such as boosting combat stats, skills, or abilities, that sometimes also work in combination with verb traps. A few examples of this include the wand holder of a wand-holding runestaff, rotflares, and Voln armor. These are sometimes also referred to as functional scripts.
  • A fluff item script confers no mechanical benefits, but instead enhances roleplaying by providing extra verb traps, feature alteration, or some other benefit that doesn't enhance experience gain in any way.

Script can also refer to Wrayth or Lich scripts.