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NOTE: At this time I am unfamiliar with how to use the premium home furnishing template. I am leaving the data raw for the moment. Please fix it it you are able.


a large sapphire blue silk tent, [Map Room 8], Lich# 28187, go blue tent

[There's No Place Like Home - 28188]
Panels of deep sapphire blue silk fall in soft folds across each oak-framed wall. A pair of lanterns suspended from faenor chains illuminates the spacious interior. Blanketing the floor is a soft alabaster woolen carpet woven with a sapphire rose pattern. A small mistwood sign hangs from a central support.
Obvious exits: east, out
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Price Item

1.) 100000 a faenor-inlaid pale mistwood door 2.) 100000 a rose-carved white oak door 3.) 200000 a crystal and vaalin rose window 4.) 200000 a rosette reticulated tracery window 5.) 250000 a moss-hued velvet paneled wall 6.) 250000 a vaalin-inlaid cinereal marble wall 7.) 200,000 a varnished silver beech writing table 8.) 200000 a leaf-carved dark maple table

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[There's No Place Like Home - 28206]
Polished oak supports carved with a rose and vine pattern peak the tent ceiling in two places. Lanterns hang from each slender pillar shedding a pale light over the room. Brightly colored rugs line the floor creating a mosaic in a wide array of blues. Standing in one corner of the space is a a large mistwood sign.
Obvious exits: west
Please ORDER to get the attention of the shopkeeper!
     Price  Item

1.) 250000 a lavender-draped velvet canopy bed 2.) 250000 a jade-inlaid ebonwood sleighbed 3.) 100000 a jade green crystal-fringed carpet 4.) 100000 a gold-trimmed crimson silk runner 5.) 125,000 a pair of twisted silver sconces 6.) 125000 a vineyard sunset painting 7.) 125000 a pearl-inlaid rosewood lute 8.) 250000 a rose-etched alabaster tiled fireplace 9.) 250000 a polished ebon marble firepit

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