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WHO or STATUS (they can be used interchangeably) are verbs that, when used alone, display the number of active characters and the names of on duty staff members. Although the result is called a count of active PLAYERS it is more accurate to consider these as CHARACTERS since players with multiple accounts can have multiple characters logged in simultaneously. Additional options for this verb are listed by typing WHO HELP (not case sensitive) as seen below in the usage section.



Active Players: 248

Staff on duty:
Senior GameHost Zestor

Use WHO HELP for more options.

>Who help

    WHO                           - Display count of active players and a list of on duty staff
    WHO FULL                      - List all active players
    WHO LETTER {letter}           - List active players whose names begin with {letter}
    WHO PROFESSION  {profession}  - List active players displaying {profession}
    WHO RACE {race}               - List active players of race {race}
    WHO HOUSE  {house}            - List active players of house {house}
    WHO GROUP                     - List active players seeking a group

WHO PROFESSION {profession} requires the character's FLAG ShowProfession be turned ON to be included in the list.

Valid options: Warrior, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric, Empath, Sorcerer, Ranger, Bard, Paladin. Monk

WHO HOUSE {house} will list all members of that house who have their PROFILE TOGGLE HOUSE option set to display house membership.

Valid options: Argent-Aspis, Rising-Phoenix, Paupers, Arcane-Masters, Brigatta, Twilight-Hall, Silvergate-Inn, Sovyn, Sylvanfair, Helden-Hall, White-Haven, Obsidian-Tower, Beacon-Hall, Rone-Academy, Willow-Hall, Moonstone-Abbey.