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The Wand Combiner allows the user to combine like wand charges into a single item. It can also be clenched to remove the active spell and all charges.

Tier 1

Holds 50 charges of one type of wand.


~*~ Wand Combiner ~*~
Welcome to the wand combiner!  This item allows you to combine like-to-like wand charges into a single item.  This item is Tier 1 out of 2, and it allows up to 50 charges.

Alterations:  Any willing merchant can alter this item freely, but it must remain something wand-like.  Wands/rods/batons are all examples of acceptable nouns for a wand-like item.  Because the spell can change when there are no charges and a new wand is pushed in, it cannot indicate any specific spell.  There is an append to LOOKing at it; this changes depending on what spell is in there and how many charges remain, and these cannot be altered.

Charges:  No charges or spells stored in the wand at this time.

You get no sense of whether or not the wand may be further lightened.


Verb First Third
PUT As you place the blue wand inside the opening of the azure metal wand, it pulses twice brightly, then flashes out of existence. XXX places her blue wand inside a small opening in her azure metal wand.
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Tier 2

Allows for the addition of 50 more charges, for a total of 100.

Additional Information


Wand Combiners have a hard-coded Show as part of their design. Show alterations may still be added, however the hard-coded portion will remain at the end.

A hole in the side of the azure metal wand looks wide enough to fit a wand inside.

Allowed Wands

Wand Combiners can only combine wands that generate as part of the Treasure system, or that are made as part of Alchemy. They cannot accept wands made through Magic Item Creation (420) or Holy Receptacle (325).

Wand Combiner Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Container
Item(s) Applied to Wand
Alterable Yes
Number of Tiers 2
How to Unlock Certificate
Restrictions Must remain wand-like
Cannot indicate a specific spell
Look cannot be altered
Item Verbs