War of Nations: The Jantalar War

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This is the telling of the Jantalar War after Tale of Two Barons as told at War of Nations: Part II hosted by the Order of the Silver Gryphon on July 30th, 2023.

A final event will conclude the telling starting with the capture of Wehnimer's Landing and concluding with Hochstib's defeat?

Guarrin says, "Please settle in folks. Thank you all for joining us tonight."

Guarrin says, "Again, welcome to the Holding. We are pleased to have you all here for such an important part of our history."

Guarrin reminds, "Last year Sir Geijon and Sir Cryheart walked us through the events that led up to the War of Nations. The spark that lit the fires so to speak."

Guarrin says, "Tonight, Sir Geijon will continue the tale..."

Guarrin nods encouragingly to you.

You say, "It's long! So settle in."

Guarrin says, "The floor is yours Sir."

Guarrin walks over to the chair and settles down.

(OOC) You whisper, "Over the next few days I will be opening the last Wiki sections with a huge amount of details, but tonight I will be telling a specific culmination of this war." to your group.

You carefully place your silver and blue banner on the floor alongside you.

You carefully set the auction block down and fold open its top.

(OOC) Cryheart's player whispers to the group, "Another wiki site:  https://gswiki.play.net/Tale_of_Two_Barons."

You remove a crisp green-ribboned map from in your black cloak.

You carefully place a crisp green-ribboned map on top of a square auction block with a smooth polished surface.

You point at a crisp green-ribboned map on a square auction block with a smooth polished surface.

You ask, "Observe the map and thing a moment. What does it convey to you? What are your first thoughts of this region?"

Dwi heartily says, "Lotta imps stuff."

Missoni murmurs, "The blue phoenix."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "We in da earldom?"

You say, "This map includes the Turamyzzian Baronies of Vornavis, Mestanir, Jantalar, Talador, Riverwood, Seareach, Oire, Torre and North Hendor along with our home, th' city of Wehnimer's Landing."

The map is a highly detailed chart, meticulously outlining the various boundaries and landmarks of the northern region of the Turamzzyrian Empire, including the Earldom of North and South Hendor, County of Seareach, Barony of Jantalar, Barony of Talador, Barony of Mestanir, Barony of Vornavis and the Barony of Riverwood.

Dwi heartily asks, "Dis to scale?"

Looking at a crisp green-ribboned map, Gutstorm holds up two fingers in front of his face and pinches them together violently while staring intently through the narrowing aperture.  How odd.

Speaking to Dwi, Alosaka says, "The world was much smaller back then."

Speaking drunkenly to Dwi, Gutstorm slurs, "Me think map shmaller."

Looking at a crisp green-ribboned map, Gutstorm holds up two fingers in front of his face and pinches them together violently while staring intently through the narrowing aperture.  How odd.

You say, "This banner is of North Hendor."

You say, "So welcome and thank you for attending the Order of the Silver Gryphon and our presentation on the War of Nations Part II, Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystals: The Jantalar War."

You say, "I am Sir Geijon Khyree and I will be picking up where Sir Cryheart finished after the telling of a Tale of Two-Barons in our first War of Nations discussion."

You say, "A bit of a preface to introduce the War itself is a brief recap of the Tale of Two-Barons, Baron Lerep Hochstib of the Barony of Jantalar and Baron Dunrith Malwind of the Barony of Vornavis."

You chuckle.

Speaking drunkenly to Dwi, Gutstorm slurs, "Geijon am me squire."

You say, "It's not brief."

(Gutstorm grunts proudly.)

You say, "Hochstib was an expanionist within the Empire, including usurping or taking control of rival Baronies, which would include Talador in 5087, Jantalar itself as inheritance from his father, with Mestanir and Vornavis as his next steps."

You say, "Baron Hochstib was also a strong proponent of Chaston s Edict and treated non-humans as inferior, even though Lerep himself was a half-elf, as is Baron Malwind by enslaving criminals of the Empire as laborers and essentially giving them death-sentences as he intentionally over-worked and underfed them."

Dwi heartily asks, "Hmm spanshunist...dat likka pianist rite?"

You ponder.

You frown.

Falicor says, "A real piece of work."

Speaking quietly to Chamorr, Dwi says, "Imma jus figgerin out da imp terms fer stuff."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Not very brudderly."

Dwi touches one finger to her lips.

You say, "I present this to you as a Giantman. Hochstib's message did not appeal to me."

You say, "On th' contrary."

You say, "It was then that he also learned of Empress Mynal'Lyanna's possession of magic suppressing artifacts called "Mandis Crystals", which after the failure of his armies and Witch-Hunters to overthrow the Mestanir spellcasters, which had outnumbered his own, he brought them to heel through the use of these magic-blocking devices and his avarice grew. Once Mestanir was secured he set his sights on his next targets of Vornavis, the freeport of Solhaven and eventually Wehnimer's Landing beyond the Empires borders."

You ask, "Who may know of further outcomes of this war in Mestanir?"

You say, "A certain cross to carry or stone to burden."

Guarrin starts chuckling at you!

You say, "This is a quiz, you need to guess."

You snicker.

Gutstorm whispers to the group, "In da Drakesh, anyone who late, we make-em do like twenny punch-upsh."

Speaking heartily to you, Dwi says, "Granpappy tole me only take multiply choiced."

You say, "Th' answer is th' Arcane Eyes, driven under by Baron Hochstib and suppression of non-Hall magic users."

Cryheart nods to you.

You say, "Led by Elithian Cross, adversary of Grishom Stone. Dead, but a much different tale."

You say, "Baron Hochstib had employed witch-hunters who could return defensive magic on casters and harm them, but Mestanir was particularily adept in the arts of destruction or magic in general."

Chamorr heartily says, "Got chewed up in da plane under da reach."

You say, "The Mandis crystal caused them to flee to th' winds."

You say, "Mestanir fell and so another Barony was under Hochstib's control."

Dwi heartily asks, "Mandis's eat der husbands rite?"

Dwi grunts and nods.

You say, "We first learned of Hochstib initially in 5095 in a series of events of his own doing when he dispatched Sir Maldon Wellsbourne, a knight of Jantalar, was dispatched to the region to re-establish control of a Holding in the Lyserian Hills near the city of Wehnimer s Landing to cut off the Barony of Vornavis entirely by sea and land. Instead, having seen Baron Hochstib s cruelty, unlawfulness and causing the death of Maldon s son, he did not do as instructed."

You say, "This very Holding."

You say, "Instead Sir Maldon founded the Order of the Silver Gryphon with a dozen warriors of reknown in the local area to add a class of nobility to the region and prevent outright claims of ownership by Baron Hochstib. This infuriated Baron Hochstib and he launched the blockade of Solhaven and Vornavis by 5096 with the Sea Wolves fleet of ships along with an excursion into the Outlands of Vornavis with support of the crystal in Mestanir to establish a land grip and fortifications."

You nod at Guarrin.

You see Sir Guarrin Hjeldin the Knight-Errant.
He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.
He is of a towering height.  He appears to be full grown.  He has deeply-set piercing steel grey eyes and pale skin.  He has very long, dark blonde hair worn in a trio of thick, interwoven braided twists across the top of his head with the sides shaved close to the scalp.  He has a weathered face, a crooked nose and a neatly trimmed, full beard gathered into a single glossy braid with a curled tip.  He has a thin, faded scar across the front of his neck, a long diagonal scar running across his left eye from brow to cheek, and broad shoulders.
Mystical energies wash over him, surrounding him in an elemental shroud of swirling ethereal lights.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a mug of Farn's root beer in his left hand.
He is wearing a brilliant white crystal pendant, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a hammered vultite brooch, a silver-edged black gambeson, a leather swordbelt, a pair of black twill chausses, some matte brown morduska hide riding boots buckled with polished vultite, and a pair of golden spurs.

You say, "Sir Guarrin Hjeldin is our leader today."

Guarrin nods once.

You say, "In 5096 we discovered th' path to Icemule."

Dwi quietly says, "See Woof's a good name fer a fast sloop."

You say, "Later, through mutual bonds a relationship with Vornavis was made and a road was cut to Solhaven joining the cities of Wehnimer s Landing, the Freeport of Solhaven and Vornavis as Hochstib feared in 5098."

Chamorr heartily says, "Good grief, I remember that."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Me too."

You say, "Stiffled, Baron Hochstib sent his emissary and Herald, Holswort Niffelheim, in 5099 and onwards as a measure to often taunt us and cause problems but Sir Maldon's actions did delay Jantalar's greater War effort until 5103 and the coming of the Comet, Blue Rider, that would change the world itself."

Speaking heartily to Falicor, Dwi says, "Ye missed da best part...nipplehelm."

You recite:

    "The twinkling lights is a comet, burning with a noticeable intensity as it travels the endless expanse. A wavering tail of cerulean blue trails behind it, resembling a massive serpent gliding through the black pool of night."

You say, "The world viewed the blue-tailed Comet's arrival as a sign. The V'reen morphs manifested, The Doomsday prophesies of Urutei, the trolls seeking G'Bruk, their paradise, and the Krolvin call to War led by the Czag Dubra or "Warbringer"."

Falicor taps his cigar, knocking a clump of ashes to the ground.

You say, "The Empire or rather Empress Mynal'Lyanna as a sign from Koar that sparked a tour of her Empire in obedience to this omen. She set off in Lormesta (January), 5103 first in Fairport and Brisker's Cove then following the comet's path across the Empire's baronies north and southward."

Gutstorm whispers to the group, "Raelee, when didja blowed up Solhaven round dish time?"

You say, "She arrived in Solhaven on the first day of Fashanos (February) for a parade through the streets.."

You say, "...where she was assassinated by a crossbow fired bolt laced with Luukosian Deathwort striking her below the chin and through the head, gruesomely killing her."

Cryheart says, "It was chaos after."

Falicor says, "It was a startling entrance to human politics."

Falicor says, "For me."

You say, "Lot of witnesses, but no real understanding of what occured initially."

Dwi heartily says, "I'd haff pointed out da stick inna her eye."

You say, "Feel free to shout out anything you want to add or remember as I go through this presentation. It's th' best way to remember and share."

You say, "We still have people with first hand accounts."

Dwi raises her hand.

You nod at Dwi.

Speaking heartily to you, Dwi says, "I'd likka to add....I waddnt born."

Dwi grunts at you happily, grinning.

Dwi heartily exclaims, "Onwards!"

Raelee quietly states, "I was there."

Cryheart says, "Same."

Bristenn neutrally agrees, "Right, I was present."

Goldstr says, "Someof us still has Mandis shards."

Bristenn slowly remarks, "It was rather unexpected."

You say, "I'd like to have spent more time here, but for the sake of moving forward it'll be available as addendum material in my published and expanded details of the war. She was buried with Baron Dunrith Malwind presiding, an investigation ranging to River's Rest and back to Vornavis was launched culminating in the capture of her killer, a Witchhunter named Vitrienne, and her cousins ascension to the throne as Emperor Aurmont Anodheles."

[General] Gutstorm drunkenly thinks, "Ye should blame her death on bloodlosh."

You say, "I could not locate one of Aurmont's coronation lockets, but they were sold in Solhaven and elsewhere in early 5103."

You say, "It depicted a relief of him, as second hand accounts."

You recite:

    "The small locket contains the image of a human male in his early thirties, skillfully captured with an artist's careful brushstrokes. His green eyes gaze calmly through the panel of clear glass, and several fine grey streaks run through his short brown hair. His calm expression is well-suited to the regal crown resting atop his brow. A small spotted orchid blossom has been engraved on either side of the locket's frame, and a Turamzzyrian sunburst crest set with a star ruby adorns the back."

You say, "That would put Emperor Aurmont at about a year shy of maybe fifty."

You say, "A few circumstances of note here was that Emperor Aurmont requested the Mandis Crystals returned, Earl Eddric Jovery was named Northern Sentinel, a position Baron Lerep Hochstib had long coveted and Sir Cemb Chimere would duel the Herald Holswort, thus Baron Hochstib was allowed to hatch his plan by delegitimizing the nobility claim the Landing had under pretense and Holswort, along with Sir Cemb s accumulated entitelement, were the fireworks and lackey for the spark of War."

You say, "All th' while from 5096 to 5103 th' blockade of Solhaven persisted unbroken by th' Sea Wolves and th' relationship between Vornavis and Wehnimer's Landing was strong."

You say, "He knighted near a dozen knight-errants in th' interim and forged understanding of expanded chivalric rights beyond the Empires borders."

You say, "Baron Malwind to be clear there."

You say, "Cemb is a apt lesson for our Order. His spurs were removed and he was expelled from the Order, but at this time it was a bit of entrampment and Cemb's arrogance instead of outright betrayal."

You say, "Holswort was a pest and baited him into legalesse combat after accepting terms."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Legless combat? dat not very knightly."

You say, "I had known Cemb for a long time. He was never particularily kind."

You say, "'Holswort was the aggressor in this aspect, but Cemb would be expelled for killing Vornavian and Hendoran allies along with fellow Gryphon members."

You say, "He had no real combat capability though."

You say, "And Cemb did."
You say, "This then launches the Jantalar War ever long in the making and even in this storytelling, so I ll call for a pause here as a bit of open time to discuss."

Cryheart says, "It was a tumultous period for sure."

On the oak table:
Food/Drink [23]: a thin slice of maple bacon, a honey butter-topped biscuit, a mug of Farn's root beer, a shot of coppery Bourth whiskey, a cup of rich black coffee, a glass of Chastonia claret, a glass of dark Selanthia merlot, a mug of dark brown Tamzyrr tea, a cup of lemon water, a glass of Vornavis chardonnay, a stein of dwarven stout, a cup of warm bergamot tea, a grilled garlic-seasoned eggplant, a red pepper hummus-stuffed mushroom, some onion and garlic flatbread, a slice of thyme-grilled venison, a slice of apricot-stuffed pork, a sweet cinnamon-filled bearclaw, a flute of Athalia's Arbor champagne, a seaweed-wrapped scallop adorned with a lemon wedge, a cut of fresh tuna, a buttery baked potato, a mug of spiced honey mead
Total items: 23

Perigourd says, "I think it's important to note that this also caused the Glaesen Star to change its course, brining more merchant trade to the Landing through Kharam-Dzu."

You say, "Th' comets impact can't be understated."

Kothos asks, "Wasn't there a short time where the Krolvin controlled Teras?"

You nod at Kothos.

You ask, "And attacked River's rest?"

Speaking to Kothos, Perigourd says, "They were occupied for a time, yes, by Sankir Bloodfist."

Lylia says, "Tumult that still continues in some form to this day."

Kothos asks, "I seem to recall they had their own...Comet-Rider?"

Guarrin says, "The blockade, the Czag, and so forth kept the imeprial Navy rather busy along the coastline. Hochstib was desperate for a port with his new territory."

Cryheart says, "Each culture interpreted the arrival of the Blue comet to befit themselves."

Kothos says, "The troll migration was a bit of a surprise to the Vipershroud pilgrims, I recall."

Speaking to Cryheart, Lylia says, "This is often the way with signs and portents."

Guarrin says, "Worth noting the Vornavian fleet was rather busy at the time as well. I believe that was when we first met Captain Kimrella."

Bristenn grouses, "Some merely saw it as a heavenly curiosity.  Others, it drove them to madness- grand conquests, apocalypses, promised lands, so on."

You say, "I hear people talk about th' V'reen time to time, the clone morphs."

You say, "Buncha Cryheart's."

Speaking to you, Perigourd says, "Extraplanar creatures that would mimic folk. Penchant for the cold."

Speaking quietly to herself, Sirona says, "The Blue Rider."

Speaking to Bristenn, Lylia says, "Superstitious nonsense leads to untold horrors."

Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "Kimrella comes in soon."

Cryheart says, "It was interesting to fight oneself."

Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Apologies, I am getting ahead of things."

Missoni waggles her fingers mystically, and an azuline V'reen Queen illusion appears briefly in the air.

You say, "I've shared from December 1995-March 2003 essentially."

Bristenn dryly jests, "My own was a pushover."

Speaking to you, Perigourd says, "I believe the theory was experiments trying to replicate or recreate Mandis crystals was partly how they came here."

Bristenn adds, "He hadn't any greaves, so I took the leg."

Speaking to Cryheart, Kothos says, "Lord Melikor mentioned having to fight several Ysharras during one of the events last year.  He did not appreciate her gardening skills then."

You say, "Let's resume."

Cryheart says, "Never knew that."

You say, "Reeling from the upheavel of ascendancy to the crown, many parts and the comet itself were moving in Charlatos and Olaesta (March and early April). Most of all a visit from Sir Edumond of the Order of the Golvern Star would put into stark reality the truth."

Guarrin notes, "There is more."

Guarrin nods encouragingly to you.

You say, "Might need a part III."

You chuckle.

You say, "Sir Cemb, later the former and a continued tale on it s own, fought Holswort in a duel of combat, that Cemb won. Sir Edumond would explain the repercussions and legality maneuvering to be described both by the knight and in Court audiences that was cause for annexation of the Landing by Baron Hochstib and the inevitable loophole of War."

You say, "Meanwhile, action and tensions seemed inevitable, so on the sixth day of Olaesta, Captain Kimrella and her ship, the Rising Swan, under the call of heavy weather of magic, th  Sea Wolves and the blockade would be stopped under a great victory for Vornavis and it s defenders. This ended the Jantalar and Vornavis War effectively per Baron Malwind during a court session."

You say, "It was short-lived as Baron Hochstib instantly pivoted to repairing the roads from Mestanir into Vornavis and Northward for his impending attack...on Wehnnimer s Landing just as Baron Malwind and everyone expected."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Deez da same Swans dat operate outta Solhaven now?"

You say, "I'm going to badly try and sing a song."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Ready."

You chuckle.

You recite:

    "Many years then did pass
     For the two barons, peace was no easy task.
     The Crab was determined to cut off the sea,
     But to the landing the Swan could trade free"

You recite:

    "Beg the Crab did, upon bended knee
     For the empress to bestow upon him, Mandis Crystals three
     One for Koar's fist, another for the cold north
     But to the landing, the largest was brought forth"

You whistle tunelessly to yourself, remembering days past.

You recite:

    "The Crab approached from the south east,
     Ten thousand men strong was his war beast
     "Give up, give up" , he cried,
     "in my rule, redemption you shall find!""

You take a drink from your dwarven stout.  A spicy warmth accompanies the complex flavors of orchard fruits and pine from the well-balanced hops and roasted malt.

You say, "Passable."

You say, "They initially came through the gap on the 27th of Olaesta (April) Guarrin would report initially with Kinshack, Eahlstan, Seablade, Cryheart, Kriztian and Shikel providing the majority of firsthand accounts as the war advanced afterwards."

You ask, "Know which gap I reference?"

Lylia says, "I remember most of those names well and fondly."

Bristenn offhandedly grouses, "The gap under the glacier's shadow, if I recall."

You say, "Th' gap in tree spirits and th' elven village. Hochstib had repaired the roads in Mestanir leading up and around Mestanir into the Dragonsclaw."

You recite:

    "I write to ye all concerning the appearance and skirmish with several jantalarian scouts last night. A sorceror named Omens was releasing tree spirits when he came across them at the gap in the trees in danjirland. They neither did or said anything until he attempted to speak to them. Then they launched into an attack. At this point he used the symbol of need and several of us rushed to the area. 
      Respectfully, Guarrin."

You say, "Olde, but a goodie."

Guarrin chuckles to himself.

You say, "Kriztian had eyewitness accounts of th' scouts in addition."

You recite:

    "A scout growls, "We ain't warriors, we're jus' scouts. When our main force arrives an' the crystal with it, your silly little town will become part of Jantalar! "

You recite:

    "A scout mutters, "You live with unhuman filth, soon you start to think like them. We'll clean out your mess of a town once we take it!""

You recite:

    "The scout growls, "You breed like the vermin you are, mixing your blood with unhumans. You'll all die like them too!""

You recite:

    "A Jantalarian scout gives Folina a hard, steely glare and says, "Give you one chance to throw down your weapon 'fore I split you noggin to navel. "

You say, "This continued for weeks with the Jantalarian s pressing for territory and the Landing fighting back. All along the Dragonclaw, Trollsfang, Danjirland and Glacier battles broke out amongst those of the region as the creep of the Mandis Crystal stole magic from it s defenders."

Bristenn dryly comments, "They did have a way with words, those triskel foragers."

Cryheart says, "They spread their forces around the Danjirland."

You say, "By th' 10th of Ivaestaen (May) both sides were dug in. Jantalar would move up barricades on us and we had to go around along th' Volcano to reach Icemule, until he cut that off too."

Cryheart nods to you.

You say, "Kinshack Starblade's report:"

You recite:

    "The Jantalarian incursion has begun to push into the Lower Dragonsclaw, just recently breaching the path that separates Upper Trollfang from the forest and plains. While we have been stalwart in our defenses, Lerep Hochstib seems intent on sacrificing the entirety of Jantalar's youthful generation to the cause of claiming the Landing as a port city."

You recite:

    "The facts, as we know them:"

You recite:

    "-A mandis crystal, or a number of crystals are being transported up roads from northwestern Mestanir, OR are somewhere in a stationary location and increasing in power and range."

Cryheart says, "They began to surrounding the Landing."

You recite:

    "-The Jantalarian regulars are often the first ones to arrive at the edge of the mandis crystal's sphere of influence, and are fairly lightly armored.
     -They are backed up by more heavy infantry spanning from perdues, armigers, men-at-arms, and now even footknights and knights.
     -The Jantalarian troops wield shoddy equipment at best, and thus take an ample amount of pleasure pilfering our own well-forged goods from our corpses."

You say, "During this time Vornavis and Baron Malwind provided aid and held Court sessions bi-monthly to update the region of events during the war, including one of several with Earl Eddric Jovery, the Northern Sentinel in attendance. A certain mixture of political manuevering, a young emperor just coronated and the nature of the crystals prohibited an decision early on into the initial weeks of the conflict. The Emperor reiterates his command in the conflict to Baron Hochstib that the Mandis Crystals be returned and any harm to them he d be accountable for."

You say, "Jantalar Knight-captains were distingished and wielded Claidhmore's. I ponder how to put their capabilitities."

(Geijon sets down his stout.)

Falicor says, "Poorly used."

Falicor says, "Would be my assessment."

You remove a maroon tabard bearing a golden triskelion on the left breast from in your black cloak.

Cryheart says, "Mithril claidhmores as I recall."

You say, "Perigourd thankfully had one of them."

You tap a maroon tabard bearing a golden triskelion on the left breast, which is in your right hand.

Speaking quietly to Cryheart, Dwi says, "Kin make tahoo axes outta one dem."

You say, "I'd pass it around, but this is really all th' detail it gives."

You tap a maroon tabard bearing a golden triskelion on the left breast, which is in your right hand.

Chamorr heartily says, "I has ta leave too, carry on 'n thank you."

You say, "This is the symbol of Jantalar and was worn by some of Hochstib's best troops."

Dwi heartily exclaims, "Now tell da part where Bear left early anna alla trouble started!"

You put a maroon tabard bearing a golden triskelion on the left breast in your black cloak.

You say, "With a battlefront drawn, a gnome helper by the name of Hobb would change the course of the War entirely. Beyond telling of the movements of the Jantalar armies and most directly, the Mandis Crystals, he coined the happy moniker, Lord Snotsnack s, for Baron Hochstib. He talked about priests and empowering the crystal through sacrifice, living sacrifices."

You say, "One aspect of note is that guards of the cracked Crystal in Mestanir wore blood-stone amulets to keep it from draining their life-force in addition to mana and spells, but life itself. A new dilemma to consider if destroying them was possible."

You remove a red-green bloodstone amulet from in your black cloak.

You tap a red-green bloodstone amulet, which is in your right hand.

You put a red-green bloodstone amulet in your black cloak.

You say, "It takes a darker turn here."

You say, "Hobb the Gnome had been sharing reports behind enemy lines within the Jantalarian Encampments including a Luukosian Monastary where a ritual had been prepared to charge the Mandis Crystal. Hobb had suspected it would require mortal sacrifices and he would not prove to be wrong. Hochstib was either confident or he wanted to bolster the morale of his troops, but he would broadcast the sacrifice to Wehnimer's Landing over the amulets."

You say, "I'll share th' account from Kriztian."

You recite:

    "Lerep broadcasts "Rejoice, inhabitants of Wehnimer's Landing, your misguided attempt at aping civilization will soon end and your enlightened existence as a useful and cultured part of my Northern Kingdom will soon begin.""

You recite:

    "Lerep thinks "I have two devoted people who have volunteered to give their lives unselfishly to help shorten the age of darkness that enshrouds you.""

You recite:

    "Wunther replies, "My name is Wunther Kolson, I was a wizard in Jantalar before I realized the uselessness and waste of my vocation. I have since answered Baron Hochstib's call for a volunteer to die atop the mana disruption crystal in order to bring it more fully to life. I die so that fewer soldiers on both sides need perish in a prolonged struggle.""

You recite:

    "Abshona shares, "My name is Abshona Sarta, I am a warrior in the glorious army of Jantalar. I have volunteered to die awakening the mana disruption crystal so that fewer of my comrades need perish fighting the misguided fools who stand against their own betterment.""

You shift your weight.

Dwi heartily says, "I like da part where dey call'd ye monkees."

Dwi grunts, amused.

You recite:

    "Lerep announces, "On the morrow we begin our task of hauling the crystal once more towards its final destination and with it we bring your fate...an unwarranted and generous elevation from the squalor and mental ineptitude that you are unable to even realize within yourselves.""

You recite:

    "Lerep taunts, "Soon even the least human among you will recognize the error of your past ignorance and will embrace the bright and shining existence that will become yours.""

You say, "Then he sacrificed them to empower the Mandis Crystals."

You say, "The Mandis Crystal was then marched north again to the Elven Village. He sent his forces enmass against the Wehnimer's Defense accompanied by archers. His assault was large enough that we were unable to flank him and had to fight his Vanguard directly in order to push them back."

You say, "There were also two large siege engines that fired catapults full of flaming pitch into the area beyond the gap. These siege engines were protected by several Jantalarian footknights, but eventually, many of our warriors managed to bash them to pieces. After things quieted down and the Jants were thrown back, it was discovered that they had erected a steel barrier inside the Elven Settlement, just south of the area that begins the trail to the Elven Nations. The barrier still stands this morning, and is impassable by any means. A very long night indeed, and it seems Lerep's true assault on the Landing has begun."

You say, "We were able to push them back to the Elven settlement within the village where a strong defensive perimeter was setup comprised of Knight-Champions. A strong steel barrier had been built and archers were well positioned to defend it. Any attempts to probe beyond the barricades failed and reports began to stream in about their defenses. Instead of draining mana as the Crystal had done before it now striped spells, drained mana, your spirit, and within close proximity your life."

You say, "Hochstib launched another attack on the area around the Elven Settlement several hours past sun down. With heavy troop advancement the Jantalarians very quickly erected another steel barrier about halfway down the tree spirit trail, and afterwards, yet another was erected blocking the northwest trail from the tree trunk leading to Danjirland. I managed to get around the barrier by taking the trail through the grey orc area, but this route was also quickly blocked off. Now, the only way to get to Danjirland is to take the long backroad way through Luinne Bheinn. While these barriers were going up, many contingents of the younger Jantalarian warriors were crawling all over the glacier. It was difficult at first to discern whether they were trying to make a run at Icemule, but we soon learned the true nature of their actions. While dragging a body away from an area in the glacier, I noticed a fresh steel barrier that had been erected directly below the chasm, effectively blocking all traffic."

You say, "Danjirland is now completely blocked off barring a small route through the mountains and volcano. The Landing has been cut off from Icemule and the Elven Nations, in turn leaving Icemule and Pinefar quite separated from all the other towns as well. We are being boxed in."

You say, "I know it's gotten late so I can continue or we can return on another night."

You chuckle.

Guarrin glances around the room.

You say, "I covered a lot."

Perigourd nods in agreement to you.

Ifanna cautiously drawls, "Et's a roight rivetin' retellin' et is tho'."

Missoni agrees, "I have quite enjoyed the retelling."

You smile.

Kothos touches Alosaka.

Guarrin asks, "Are folks feeling up for hearing more?"

Cailana says, "That was very interesting."

Guarrin says, "Perhaps the tale requires part three."

You say, "Afraid so."

Bristenn wryly agrees, "Might."

Cryheart says, "It was a long war."

Guarrin says, "Indeed it was."

Guarrin says, "Thank you, Sir Geijon once again for sharing the tale."

You say, "We're right on the edge of the Landing being taken."

Guarrin applauds you.

Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "A good stopping place then."

Sirona quietly says, "I love hearing this retold. Some may need to get to other events."

You nod.

Bristenn slowly adds, "We're but at the part where, after night after night of heavy fighting on foot, the barriers we had ourselves erected skirting the Trollfang fell."

Speaking quietly to you, Sirona says, "Fantastic retelling though. I cannot wait to hear more, and there is a lot more yet."

Falicor says, "Nothing more heroic than blood and mud ..."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Guarrin says, "Well thank you all for joining us tonight. Look for part three coming soon."

Bristenn tiredly mentions, "My warband defended that barrier to the last.  We lost Egred and Hollend that day."

Perigourd says, "Indeed, I'm quite enjoying the presentation."

Guarrin notes, "Our next event will be the Memorial Tournament though."

Sirona quietly says, "I still have a minitaure comet and a mandis crystal myself."

You remove a Mandis Crystal shard from in your black cloak.

Speaking to you, Missoni says, "Thank you for all your research."

You tap a Mandis Crystal shard, which is in your right hand.

You say, "I was just getting to th' Mandis Crystal destruction too."
You grin.

[General] Cryheart thinks, "For those who attended the war of nations, we are going to add another date to finish up a third part...thank ye."

You put a Mandis Crystal shard in your black cloak.

[General] Dwi exclaims, "Tanks!"

[General] Dwi thinks, "Is always good to hear why alla da oldsters is so tense."

Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Yes that was an intense evening as well."

Falicor says, "Fight well, all."

Goldstr exclaims, "Brought back many memories!"

Speaking quietly to you, Sirona says, "Thank you so much."

Cryheart says, "And it will get more intense in the third part."

Guarrin says, "Oh, and fair job singing as well."

Guarrin grins.

You laugh out loud!

Cryheart starts chortling.

Speaking sincerely to you, Ifanna drawls, "Aye thanke fer th' tale ser!"

You nod at Ifanna.

You smile.

Goldstr exclaims, "Fare well folks!"

You say, "Glad to shed details on it."

Guarrin says, "Thank you all once again for joining us."

Speaking to Guarrin, Raelee says, "Your tea stores remain satisfactory."

Speaking to Raelee, Guarrin says, "I am pleased to hear it."

Missoni wishes, "Fair eve, everyone."

Kothos says, "Thank you, indeed.  For both the company, and the lecture of history."