Wedding of Emperor Aurmont and Samynthra Weirlund

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The wedding of Emperor Aurmont and Lady Samynthra Kestrel Weirlund took place on the 22nd of Phoenatos, 5115.


Emperor Aurmont Anodheles was crowned in 5103, unmarried and with no heir. He spent some of his early life as a squire at the Demonwall, before realizing a martial life was not his calling. Before becoming Emperor, he spent a decade at the Chantry College in Nydds, in South Hendor.

During his time of study, which focused on imperial history, he met a young woman by the name of Samynthra Kestrel Wierlund. Their mutual embrace of education and history and good-hearted nature instantly provided a spark among the two, but she was too young at the time to be anything more to Aurmont than a politically arranged marriage, something he wouldn't have wanted at the time.

Years later, duty to the Turamzzyrian Empire called Aurmont away as he was appointed the new Emperor and took the seat of the Sun Throne following the assassination and scandal of Empress Mynal'lyanna. It would be nearly thirteen years later, when Emperor Aurmont and Samynthra would once again meet during her visit as a political dignitary from South Hendor to the capitol of Tamzzyr, seeking to gain further imperial aid for Hendor during the War of Shadows in 5114. Truth be told, while it was the first time they had seen each other in over a decade, there had been the occasional letters shared between them over the years. Having her once again close by, and now a woman of 30 years old, Emperor Aurmont has asked for her hand in marriage.

The Emperor's Small Ministry and other loyal supporters are strongly in favor of the wedding, as they fully recognize the danger of an unmarried and heirless ruler upon the Sun Throne, especially in the aftermath of a devastating war. Because her mother was a Kestrel, and her father a Wierlund, the political advantages and strength of the marriage are also appealing to the Emperor's advisers.

So it is with great pride that the Turamzzyrian Empire has announced the upcoming wedding of Emperor Aurmont Anodheles and Lady Samynthra Kestrel Wierlund! The ceremony will take place on Feastday, the 22nd of Phoenatos, 5115 at 8:00 pm Empire Time! (Sat, August 22nd, 8 pm Eastern)

Imperial heralds have already been dispatched, blanketing all areas of the Turamzzyrian Empire and even some crossing the DragonSpine Mountains to offer formal invitations to the people of the Elven Nations. With distance and war-torn regions a factor, the Hall of Mages will be providing magical portals in the towns of Wehnimer’s Landing and Solhaven to allow those outside of the Empire for safer and quicker travel to the festivities.

All Hail Emperor Aurmont Anodheles, Long May He Reign!


Posted by MOURNE on 08/23/2015:

[Temple of Steps, Observation]
The second floor opens up into a huge circular chamber with gold-inlaid marble flooring unfolding all around. Ornate steel railings provide a glimpse at the grand hall below, and a series of open archways grant a stunning view of a flourishing garden beyond. Rich tapestries hang from the ceiling, gently stirring from the airy breeze moving in from the outside. You also see a gilded sign.
Also here: A bunch of people.
Obvious exits: down

>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
Please join us in our celebration of the marriage between Emperor Aurmont Anodheles and Lady Samynthra Kestrel Weirlund. Feel free to observe this union through the archways.

>peer arch
Gazing into the archways, you see...

[Temple of Steps, Sun Garden]
Verdant hedges form a repetitious pattern through the expansive garden, their edges deep green and pedantically trimmed. Bold crimson spun glass sunbursts adorn the golden columns arranged throughout the wide walkways, enhancing the splash of color imparted by the vivid and plentiful flowerbeds. A ceremonial white oak archway is erected at the end of a field of grass, the wooden structure mottled by a sweeping design of dark bloodjewels and black opals. You also see an elegant carved ivory platform with some stuff on it.
Also here: Clergyman Kelbine, Baroness Delphinuria, Lady Athalia, Lord Salnim, Baron Dunrith
Obvious exits: none

Michaut wanders in.
Earl Eddric Jovery enters the garden.
Kelbine nods at Eddric.
Kelbine nods to Delphinuria in greeting.
Eddric smiles.
Kelbine folds his hands.
Aurmont strides his way over to where Kelbine is standing behind the platform, giving one of his lapels a brief tug as he arranges himself into a waiting stance to the right of the archway.
Mynalia suddenly fades into sight beside you.

A small flock of young ladies in silken pale gold dresses fan out in an elaborate sunburst formation across the field, tossing handfuls of intense crimson rose petals onto the soft green grass.

[Temple of Steps, Sun Garden]
Verdant hedges form a repetitious pattern through the expansive garden, their edges deep green and pedantically trimmed. Bold crimson spun glass sunbursts adorn the golden columns arranged throughout the wide walkways, enhancing the splash of color imparted by the vivid and plentiful flowerbeds. A ceremonial white oak archway is erected at the end of a field of grass, the wooden structure mottled by a sweeping design of dark bloodjewels and black opals. You also see an elegant carved ivory platform with some stuff on it.
Also here: Earl Eddric, Clergyman Kelbine, Emperor Aurmont, Baroness Delphinuria, Lady Mynalia, Lady Athalia, Lord Salnim, Baron Dunrith, Baronet Michaut
Obvious exits: none

Aurmont dabs at his forehead with a small kerchief, then tucks it away as if just becoming aware of the crowd.

A visually stunning aerial display of glittering silver and gilt-hued motes ignites overhead, each speck unfurling into a brief incandescent coil. After the spectacle, the girls do a synchronous twirl on their toes and equally split into two groups that flank the archway.

A very short, but elegant song is played by a trio of violins hidden among the hedges, their melody leading up to the bride's entrance.

Samynthra Kestrel Weirlund appears in a vision of white at the head of the grassy field. With precise, carefully timed steps she floats her way toward the archway in a cloud of finespun gossamer and cutwork lace. Upon reaching the gents awaiting her at the platform, she glides into her position at the lefthand side.

Samynthra smiles.
Samynthra gazes fondly at Aurmont.
Aurmont stands stiffly, one of his hands trembling slightly at his side. Abruptly, his face splits with a wide white grin.
Kelbine clears his throat.
Kelbine kindly regards the wedding party for a moment, and offers a small, cordial nod to the observatory.

Kelbine says, "Greetings and good eve to all, to our Highness, Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles, son of Turallos Anodheles and Ayibma Chandrennin, and to our grace, Lady Samynthra Kestrel Weirlund, daughter of Lord Pellium Weirlund and Lady Caslyn Kestrel, and to all gathered, the blessed Children of Koar."

Aurmont inclines his head slightly, regally.
Arcs of flourishing white and gold lights trail lightly over the walls, casting a luminescent glow upon the couple.

Kelbine says, "And now I ask everyone gathered for this joyous occasion for a moment of silence, to accept and remember the watchful eye of the all seeing God King, who sits now atop the highest peak of Koargard, and who we pray bestows his blessings upon this glorious event."

Samynthra takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.
Kelbine reverently says, "Thank you."

Kelbine passionately says, "Let us now give thanks to the High King Koar, for unto our Highness and our Grace, he sent the Lady Oleani to cast the blessings of love to spring forth within their hearts."

Kelbine says, "And of the Lady Oleani, we ask your blessing of the devoted bond we see here before us, between an emperor and a lady, between a man and a woman."

Aurmont gives his bride a surreptitious wink, his smile lifting years from his worry-lined face.

Kelbine continues, "The strength of an empire resides in the strength of its ruler, and for the past dozen years, our empire has been unshakeable! Under the rule of our tenacious sovereign, harvests have been bountiful, children plenty, and peace enforced and protected against attempts to destroy it from nearly every direction of the winds."

Samynthra blushes sheepishly to herself.

Delicate, fiery golden flares expand and burst mid air, creating a dazzling display of brilliant sparks in the deepening evening sky. The metallic colors reflect off of the crimson glass sunbursts adorning the columned walkway.

Kelbine says, "Throughout it all, our Highness has been strong, and thus our Empire has been strong! And yet, our Highness has done so alone, but for the support of the Church and his ministers, with an incomplete heart."

Kelbine nods at Aurmont.
Aurmont nods.

Kelbine says, "Neither man nor woman should ever live long with an empty heart, for despite all the blessings one might seek of the Lady Oleani to fill it with love, love is not the only thing that can fill one's heart. A heart can fill with coldness, hatred, and despair, and a sovereign's heart occupied in such a manner can only lead to ruin and suffering for his subjects. So it was, our Highness sought out and filled that unattended corner of his heart with the purest gift of love, as his subjects deserve no less."

Kelbine warmly exclaims, "Blessings be to King Koar! May he consecrate this powerful alliance and pave a strong foundation for this holy, united pair!"

Samynthra brushes a stray golden strand of hair away from her face, biting her lip nonchalantly as she casts a glance in Aurmont's direction.

Kelbine warmly exclaims, "Blessings be to Lady Oleani! May she bless this union of man and woman, of sovereign and lady!"

A briefly quiet lull in the ceremony is punctuated by a resounding crackle of thunder that rains down from the clear sky.

Samynthra tilts her head up.

Kelbine respectfully says, "Let us ask that her grace, Lady Samynthra, be a font of love for our Emperor, and the vessel for his heirs!"

Aurmont smiles faintly.

Kelbine exclaims, "And let us ask that his highness, Emperor Aurmont, love the Lady Samynthra as he has loved his people, and become a father to many heirs, just as he is a father to the Empire!"

Samynthra gazes lovingly at Aurmont.
Aurmont grins at Samynthra.
Kelbine swiftly lights the two tapered candles from the platform and gingerly hands them off to the bride and groom.

Kelbine says, "Each of you brings a spark of Koar's light to this union. Combined together, that flame will rise higher and burn fiercely, as a single beam that is now stronger and brighter because it unites the two flames of your hearts."

Samynthra clears her throat.

Both Aurmont and Samynthra lift a shining tapered candle toward the larger pure white candle resting upon the platform. A soaring vibrant golden flame alights around the wick in an abrupt flash, quickly settling down to a slow and steady burn.

Kelbine brightly exclaims, "May the light of your combined lives be cast upon your wedded life in all the years to come and shine like a beacon of King Koar's radiance!"

Samynthra smiles at Aurmont.

Kelbine accepts both of the tapered candles and discreetly stores them out of view. His eyes sweep over all those gathered, and finally back to the honored couple.

Kelbine smoothly says, "Now let us, under the blessings of our Gods, listen to his highness, Emperor Aurmont, and the Lady Samynthra exchange vows and bind their hearts as one for all of eternity."

Kelbine turns to face Samynthra.
Samynthra nods.
Samynthra turns to face Aurmont.

Samynthra recites:
"My Lord, My Love, I will forever embrace who you are now, and who you will become. I give my oath to listen to you, and to learn from you. I will rejoice in your triumphs and mourn your losses as though they were my own. I will cling to the faith of our love and the faith in our hearts. Sorrow will never divide us, but strengthen our resolve as one. The spark in my eyes for you, and the fullness in my heart that you bring, will never cease, for all of the days of our lives."

Aurmont flexes his hands at his sides, his eyes beaming and intent.
Athalia dabs at her eyes with a kerchief.

Aurmont recites:
"Never has the Sun Throne been so aptly named in history, until the day your glow returned to my life. Long have I ruled the Empire, ever placing the wellbeing of the people before me, yet all the while my heart grew heavy living in the shadow of the love we once knew. Memories alone paled in comparison to your beauty and refined kindness. Yet now, fully encompassed by your love again, I am renewed and a brighter future is reborn, for our lives, and the lives of the Empire. I take you now, and forever, as my wife and my star, where not even the clutches of death will divide us, but offer us eternal unity beyond."

Samynthra gazes deep into Aurmont's eyes as she fights to hold back the tears of joy welling up in her eyes.
Kelbine says, "And now our couple will exchange their rings before us."
Aurmont touches Samynthra's wrist before forcing himself back to regal reserve.

Kelbine lightly says, "These rings are a tangible representation of the invisible bond which already unites your two hearts in the love and devotion that you share. They are a symbol of infinity, time with no beginning and no end, the same as the unconditional love that you pledge to each other here today. Let your rings be a reminder of the vows you speak today, and of the love that you will share for a lifetime."

Samynthra squirms and fidgets oddly for a moment.
Samynthra just nudged Aurmont.

Aurmont takes Samynthra's hand and gently slides a burnished gold wedding band affixed with a trio of flawless diamonds onto the ring finger of her left hand.
Samynthra takes Aurmont's hand and gently slides a plaited golden wedding band affixed with a trio of flawless diamonds onto the ring finger of his left hand.

Kelbine says, "We reverently beseech the God King Koar and Lady Oleani, to bless these two souls on this Feastday, the 22nd day of Phoenatos, in the grand year of 5115."
Kelbine cocks his head.

A scorching ribbon of intense golden fire surges around the frame of the white oak archway, brightly illuminating the faces of all those gathered in attendance. The fire burns merrily for a few moments and then extinguishes itself with a delicate sizzle.

Kelbine loudly says, "By their power and investment, I pronounce his Highness, Emperor Aurmont and Lady Samynthra married!"

Kelbine announces, "May I present to you all, your Emperor and Empress!"

(Much cheering and applause from the peanut gallery.)

Kelbine says, "And you may kiss your bride."
Losing all pretense of reserve, Aurmont takes Samynthra in his arms and kisses her deeply.
Samynthra closes her eyes for a moment.
Kelbine politely averts his eyes to the side of the festivities.
Samynthra slowly empties her lungs.

(Many comments and more cheering and applause from the peanut gallery.)

Dunrith applauds with enthusiasm, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings.
Samynthra grins at Aurmont.
Samynthra hugs Aurmont.
Salnim applauds encouragingly.
Samynthra hugs Aurmont.
Michaut places a hand over his heart.
Mynalia applauds politely.
Eddric nods his head in agreement and applauds.
Kelbine says, "In a few moments, the couple will make their way through the Grand Hall for a brief escort out of the Temple."
Samynthra nods.
Delphinuria applauds warmly.
Aurmont reaches out and holds Samynthra's hand.
Samynthra grins at Aurmont.
Aurmont begins chuckling at Samynthra!

[Temple of Steps, Grand Hall]
The pure white marble floor holds a flawless polish and has been designed to showcase a sizeable golden crown inlaid in the center of the hall. Robed servants move dutifully throughout the chamber, disappearing behind the wooden doors or enameled pillars. A faint hymn hangs in the air, the mixture of voices both melodic and youthful. A flight of vast marble stairs leads up to a second floor enclosed by ornate steel railings.
Also here: Lots o' peeps
Obvious exits: south

Kelbine says, "Our honored couple will be joining us, albeit briefly, in just a few moments."

Aurmont leads his bride through the crowd, stopping briefly to execute formal waves to various dignitaries. He looks anxious to be elsewhere.

(Craptons of bowing and curtsying and whatnot.)

Aurmont says, "Thank you all for coming. We are honored, of course, to share this joyous day with our citizens."
Samynthra says, "Thank you for celebrating this long awaited day with us."
Samynthra nods.
Aurmont says, "Blessings of the God-King upon all of you, and may you be sheltered in His light."
Aurmont rests a gentle hand on Samynthra's arm.
Samynthra grins at Aurmont.
Speaking to Aurmont, Samynthra says, "Soon, love."
Aurmont whispers something to Samynthra.
Speaking to Aurmont, Samynthra says, "I have to toss the bouquet."
Kelbine loudly says, "Gifts can be left in the observatory, and will be picked up by a servant following the end of the evening."
Samynthra waves a bouquet of gold-tinged crimson roses arranged in an unfurling sunburst pattern around.
Speaking quietly to Samynthra, Aurmont says, "I suppose it is tradition, yes."
Speaking to Aurmont, Samynthra says, "Someone will catch it! I'm sure there are many out there hoping to be the one."
Aurmont chuckles.
Samynthra nods.
Samynthra says, "Ladies... step forward."

(Insert some backpedaling, some stepping forward, little excited squeals from the guests.)

Samynthra says, "On the count of three."
Speaking to Aurmont, Samynthra says, "Love, you count."
Aurmont starts chortling.
Aurmont exclaims, "One!"
Samynthra closes her eyes for a moment.
Aurmont exclaims, "Two!"
Samynthra turns around.
Aurmont exclaims, "And three!"
Samynthra tosses the a bouquet of gold-tinged crimson roses over her head!
Maretta picks up a bouquet of gold-tinged crimson roses arranged in an unfurling sunburst pattern.
Maretta says, "Crap."
Kelbine applauds Maretta.
Halinda laughs at Maretta!
Maretta exclaims, "I don't want this!"
Aurmont flashes a wide grin at Samynthra.
Samynthra beams happily at Maretta!
Samynthra walks toward Aurmont.
Speaking to Aurmont, Samynthra says, "We have much to discuss. We should take our leave."
Speaking quietly to Samynthra, Aurmont says, "With such an arm, my love, I doubt I'll need guards to protect me from this day forward."
Samynthra dusts Aurmont off.
Aurmont reaches out and holds Samynthra's hand.
Samynthra giggles at Aurmont.
Emperor Aurmont's group just went south.
The guards turn as one and depart after their ruler and his bride.
Earl Jovery and Baroness Hochstib follow in the wake of the newlyweds, speaking with one another as they follow the Imperial couple out.
Kelbine smoothly announces, "Our married couple will now be retiring for the evening, but they thank each and everyone one of you for coming out this evening. If you have gifts, you may feel free to leave them in the observatory, and they will be picked up shortly."
Kelbine says, "You may all stay as long as you'd like, so please do not feel as though you are being shooed off."

(And a few minutes later, as the guests are mingling in the hall....)

You hear nervous giggling from the other room. "Oh Aurmont, you make me blush!"

And the captures of the happy couple: 

You see Emperor Aurmont Anodheles. 
He appears to be a Human from Selanthia. 
He is tall and appears to be in the prime of life. He has granite-flecked ashen blue eyes and fair skin. He has short, lustrous golden hair faintly threaded with deep silver at the temples. He has a broad, classical face and a defined, slightly squared jawline. Lines of care are deeply graven at the edges of his eyes and mouth. 
He is in good shape. 
He is wearing a plaited golden wedding band affixed with a trio of flawless diamonds, a crimson damask cravat pinned with a ruby-set golden sunburst, a velvet-lapeled black suede jacket, a budding intense red rose boutonniere nestled in splayed magnolia leaves, an ivory silk shirt with gold kestrel buttons, some crisply cuffed dark charcoal pants outlined in satin piping, and some gold-accented brushed leather boots.

You see Empress Samynthra Weirlund. 
She appears to be a Human from Hendor. 
She is tall and appears to be in the spring of life. She has long-lashed pale crystalline blue eyes and alabaster skin. She has waist length, lightly curled coppery brown hair woven with vibrant golden strands. She has a heart-shaped face and high, delicately angled cheekbones. 
She is in good shape. 
She is holding a bouquet of gold-tinged crimson roses arranged in an unfurling sunburst pattern in her right hand. 
She is wearing a gilded magnolia leaf diadem clutching a luminous radiant-cut topaz, a pale-colored jacquard cloak, a strapless pure white wedding gown of finespun silks and cutwork lace, some niveous silk-netted gloves, a hawk-etched silver oak signet ring, a burnished gold wedding band affixed with a trio of flawless diamonds, and a pair of slender cloth-of-gold slippers.