Wehnimer's Landing: Frontier Politics

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Wehnimer's Landing: Frontier Politics is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.


For years, corruption had run rampant in Wehnimer's Landing, often taking the form of greedy council members putting their own interests over the town, or even past mayors who were either involved in criminal organizations, or succumbed to dark curses and foolheartedly led the town and its people into danger, despite the best of intentions. In light of the string of poor choices and self-serving decisions of the past, a new concentrated effort has been documented to better establish rules and regulations to provide a clear and concise road map for all officials within the town, as well as establishing the means to keep them in check should corruption arise.

Within the town of Wehnimer's Landing, in order to better serve the people that we have been elected or appointed to oversee, the responsibilities of all political offices have been more specifically defined. In light of recent events, these policies and procedures have been ratified by the town council and mayor of Wehnimer's Landing in the year of 5115.

General Assumptions

All town council members will be appointed by the town mayor and must be approved by the local judge. The term for town council members is five years, with no restriction on the number of terms they may serve. At any time during their service, if the mayor is dissatisfied with a council member, that council member can be brought before the judge to be reviewed for expulsion.

Mayor's Authority

The mayor has the authority to recommend new policy as it relates to the militia, local taxes, foreign policies as it pertains to any principalities in the area and all spending expenditures. The mayor is responsible for recommending and appointing members of the town council, who will then be approved or denied dependent upon the local judge. The mayor has no influence over the local court system, as it is an independent branch of the Wehnimer's government and the judge is appointed for life.

Should the local law system come into question, the mayor would have to petition the town through town hall meetings for the power to replace either the town constable or judge, at which point the decision would then need approval of a majority of the town council. In the event of a tie, the citizens in attendance at the public hearing will place the deciding vote, only if a majority is established.

Because of recent developments with corruption and the influence of dark magic effecting those who held the office historically, the mayor's term shall be one year with the option of re-election only once, for a maximum of 2 terms.

Town Council

All local matters will be addressed to the town council either through petition or at town hall meetings as set by the council. Any matter raised for discussion will be subject to a vote by the town council, each member having one equal vote, with the mayor breaking any ties. Should the town council feel that the mayor is not operating in the best interest of the town, or has somehow compromised the position, they will have to petition the local judge to hear their case. All facts and evidence must be offered at that time, with the Judge having the final say based on the case presented.

The town council will consist of four positions, each one overlooking a specific role of the town, as it relates to the local militia, the town's economic structure, foreign affairs, and the local guilds. All matters in the realm of these responsibilities will still require a majority vote among the town council, with the mayor breaking any and all ties.

Town Council Roles

  • Steward of the Militia:

The role of this position is to organize and maintain the local defense of Wehnimer's Landing. This includes recruitment of local militia members and the management of their training.

  • Steward of the Coffers:

The role of this position is to oversee the treasury of Wehnimer's Landing, including financial accountability, approval of funds for projects, and tax and debt collection.

  • Steward of the Guilds:

The role of this position is to act as the lead representative on the council, for the trade guilds and local merchants of Wehnimer's Landing, including supporting fair business practices, instituting worker protection and driving commerce and trade for the town.

  • Regional Envoy:

The role of this position is to act as an official delegate of Wehnimer's Landing, often serving as an ambassador of goodwill to other towns, regions, or nations. The primary purpose of this position is to foster diplomacy while protecting the town's interests at large.

Judicial Authority

The judge is elected by the people to serve a life term, and represents the most independent branch of the political structure outside of the mayoral office. The judge has sole authority over the discipline and severity of punishments prescribed, and the manner in which they are to be carried out. The judge has authority to fine, imprison, banish or lessen a penalty to community service at their discretion.

The constable reports regularly to the mayor, however there is also another direct line from the constable to the judge that remains open and active at all times. The constable enforces the laws that are brought forth by the town council, but also works with the judge to see that they are fairly executed, and that punishment is prescribed and followed. To ensure no undue pressure is applied from the mayor or judge, the constable can only be replaced by a public hearing held by the town council, which would require a majority vote of citizens in attendance to be carried out.

Any appeal of a court decision must be petitioned before the town council, if evidence can be brought forth to show that the original verdict was erroneous. At that point the council may vote to overturn the court ruling following standard petition voting rules. Having a hearing to overturn a court ruling would require a great deal of effort on the part of the accused, and a strong case must be made in the petition before the town council would even consider a vote.

Current Town Council (circa 5115)

  • Steward of the Militia: - Thrayzar
  • Steward of the Coffers: - Surofee
  • Steward of the Guilds: - Juramis
  • Regional Envoy: - Pylasar