Wehnimer's Landing Baker's Shop

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Wehnimer's Landing Baker's Shop is a food shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is officially known as Gert's Bakery and is located on Beolost Road, west of the fletcher. In addition to tea and desserts, it sells supplies for brewing tea and has a public kettle.

[Baker's Shop, Front Room]
Ceramic tiles with elegant floral and fruit designs painted in bright hues form a mid-wall ring around the quaint shop. A glass display counter showcases a wide variety of freshly baked treats, from tarts and cupcakes to pies and loaves of bread, their contents lined up neatly for easy selection. An oak-framed window decorated with white lace curtains offers an ample view of the square. You also see an oval wicker basket, the baker and an arched opening.


  1. a loaf of bread                    11. a cinnamon raisin crumb muffin
  2. a wedding cake                     12. a mushroom and savory pasty
  3. a birthday cake                    13. a sugar-dusted cinnamon twist
  4. a slice of birthday cake           14. a blackberry scone
  5. a chocolate chip cookie            15. a rum-spattered spiced nut cake
  6. a cinnamon sugar cookie            16. a cocoa-dusted raspberry twist
  7. a donut                            17. a plum and brandy crumble
  8. a mug of strong Elanthian coffee   18. a glazed pumpkin cookie
  9. a cup of herbal tea                19. a jam-filled blackberry cookie
  10. a steaming mug of hot chocolate   20. a buttery cornbread square

  Backroom Catalog
  21. a strawberry ice                  24. a frosted sprite-shaped cookie
  22. a loaf of gnollish lichen bread   25. a frosted gnome-shaped cookie
  23. a frosted elf-shaped cookie       26. a spicy fruit and nut muffin

Sitting Room

[Baker's Shop, Sitting Room]
Generously padded chairs surround small glass-topped tables covered in silk tablecloths, and ceramic tiles continue along the walls from the front room, adding a complementary decor to the area. A dimly-lit corner offers a more secluded gathering spot, away from the constant flurry of bakery visitors. You also see an oval wicker basket, a hallway that leads to the tea room and an arched opening.
  1. a loaf of dark rye bread          12. a piece of warm apple pie
  2. a loaf of golden wheat bread      13. a piece of spiced pumpkin pie
  3. a poppyseed muffin                14. a piece of sticky pecan pie
  4. an iced chocolate muffin          15. a piece of flaeshonberry pie
  5. a maple walnut muffin             16. a piece of lemon meringue pie
  6. a banana nut muffin               17. a colorful iced birthday cake
  7. a strawberry muffin               18. a chocolate iced birthday cake
  8. a frosted peach muffin            19. a strawberry iced birthday cake
  9. a blueberry muffin                20. a chocolate iced wedding cake
  10. a honey bran muffin              21. a pink-frosted wedding cake
  11. a piece of chocolate cream pie   22. a white-frosted wedding cake

  Backroom Catalog

Tea Room

[Baker's Shop, Tea Room]
A long table surrounded by upholstered stools separates two sides of this tea room, with one side serving as a place to visit and drink, and the other side specially designed to brew teas and coffee. Situated adjacent to a sideboard is a small stove with a cast iron kettle placed on the top, and a pitcher of fresh water has been conveniently positioned on the sideboard next to a variety of condiments. You also see an oval wicker basket.
  1. a cup of herbal tea                11. a cup of frothy hazelnut coffee
  2. a mug of strong Elanthian coffee   12. a mug of buttery pecan coffee
  3. a glass of cold milk               13. a lilac packet
  4. a chocolate chip cookie            14. an amber parchment packet
  5. a cinnamon sugar cookie            15. a tree-motif grey parchment packet
  6. an oatmeal raisin cookie           16. a rose-motif ombre parchment packet
  7. a frosted gingersnap cookie        17. a slice of lemon
  8. a golden brown shortbread cookie   18. a sugar cube
  9. a crunchy peanut butter cookie     19. a bottle of fresh cream
  10. a cup of milky ginger tea         20. a light grey clay cup

  Backroom Catalog
  21. a dusky violet rose-etched tin        23. an amber doe-emblazoned tin
  22. a charcoal grey dead tree-motif tin   24. a lilac passion flower-motif tin

2014 Renovation Contest

The bakery was destroyed when the town was invaded and closed for several months. It reopened in August 2014 and now features items submitted by players in a contest. Rowmi, Japhrimel, Rohese, Bremerial, Kaldonis, Seomanthe, Evialla, Lylia, Radeek, and Talryssa were the winners.