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Release Post

Category: Towns
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 7439
Date: 07/17/2015 01:10 PM EDT
Subject: HSN: Wehnimer's Landing Player Militia!

That's right, you read it correctly! Effective immediately, players now have the opportunity to join the Wehnimer's Landing Militia!

Over the years, conflict after conflict has seen Wehnimer's Landing facing a number of casualties, many of them within their militia ranks! But challenges, threats, and evil will never rest. So, the time has come for Wehnimer's Landing to strengthen their resolve and be prepared!

The Ranks

The Wehnimer's Landing Militia is overseen by the Town Marshal (GM NPC).

There exists 6 current positions of Militia Captains, which will be filled by appointed players that will all report to the Town Marshal. Additional Captains will be considered depending on size and growth.

The rest of the members will be referred to as Militiamen and report to their designated Captains.

Marshal of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia

The Town Marshal is the commander of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia and also holds a seat upon the Town Council. This position is always held by a GM NPC. This position holds total authority over the organization, and is responsible for, but not limited to, the following tasks:

  • Oversees new recruitment applications
  • Handles discipline of members
  • Approval and promotion of Captains
  • Holds regular communication with Captains
  • Sets the overall strategy and direction of the militia

Captain of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia

The Captains of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia will be selected, approved, and overseen by the Town Marshal. This position will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following tasks:

  • Scheduling and hosting bi-monthly training sessions (town defenses, ballista training, invasion guidelines, etc)
  • Coordinating strategies for town defense and invasions
  • Communication with Town Marshal and Militiamen
  • Monthly Assessment Reports to Town Marshal
  • Adhere to strategies set forth by the Town Marshal
  • A few of these positions will be selected from association with player-run organizations. Please see further details in the Associations section below.

Member of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia

The members of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia must submit an application to be recruited, and their acceptance is based on hard guidelines set forth by the Town Marshal. Their approval is at the Town Marshal's discretion. The position will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following tasks:

  • Aiding in defense of Wehnimer's Landing during invasions and times of conflict
  • Abiding by the laws of Wehnimer's Landing and avoiding criminal activity
  • Frequently attend training sessions and share expertise when needed
  • Adhere to strategies set forth by Militia Captains

Militia Requirements

  • The Character must be a full citizen of Wehnimer's Landing.
  • There are no level, profession, race, or Arkati-worshipping restrictions for joining.
  • There are no restrictions when it comes to any existing membership among CHE's, MHO's, or Mentors.
  • The Account must have had no official warnings for the last 12 months.
  • The Account cannot be a F2P subscription.
  • Acceptance and membership within the Wehnimer's Landing Militia is solely based on the discretion and decisions of the Town Marshal (GM NPC).
  • Removal from the Wehnimer's Landing Militia is at the discretion of the Town Marshal.
  • There is no fee for applying/joining the Wehnimer's Militia.
  • An application must be completed and submitted to the Town Marshal for review (See Info Below).

Please note that any official game warning will result in the termination of your membership within the Wehnimer's Militia, leaving you unable to re-apply for another 12 months.

The Militia Application

The application was must filled out and emailed to GS4-KENSTROM@PLAY.NET with the subject "Landing Militia Application - Your Character Name"

  • Email:
  • Character Name:
  • Current Level:
  • Race/Profession:
  • Group Affiliations (CHE/MHO/Mentor):
  1. Are you a citizen of Wehnimer's Landing?
  2. Why do you wish to join the Wehnimer's Landing Militia?
  3. What do you feel you can bring in serving with the Wehnimer's Landing Militia?
  4. Describe your connection to Wehnimer's Landing, and your history with the town and its people.
  5. What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses during invasions or other times of war?

The Captain Application

All Captain applicants must answer the below questions, in addition to the first part of the Militia Application above. All Captain applicants must also undergo an in-person interview to further explore their interest and qualifications for the position, and their selection is subject to SGM approval.

  1. Why do you wish to become a Captain of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia?
  2. What strengths, and weaknesses, do you feel you have as a leader?
  3. What are some ideas for militia training exercises you would like to lead on a reoccurring basis?
  4. What are some ideas you have to increase the defenses and effectiveness of Wehnimer's Landing during invasions and times of crisis?
  5. What is your availability to be in-game during the week?


Post Name Title

  • Rank 1 members of the Wehnimer's Militia will receive the post-name title of Member of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia
  • Rank 2 members of the Wehnimer's Militia will receive the post-name title of Captain of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia

Please note that Captains will be representatives from affiliated organizations, or promoted militia members who supervise the training and operations of the members working with them. All Captains will report directly to the Town Marshal (GM NPC).

Uniform and Badge

  • Every member of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia will receive a new uniform and badge. There are no requirements to wear these, except during official ceremonies. The protection of innocents takes precedent over fashion, but the badges are encouraged to be worn to make your expertise available to the masses.
  • Lost or damaged uniforms or badges can be replaced by the Town Marshall for a small fee of 100k.


  • The reward that keeps on giving! The concept of the Wehnimer's Militia is to provide structure and strategy in times of invasions or crisis, but also to provide a chance to build the community, foster relationships, and get people of all levels involved. It is up to the Captains of the Militia to run regularly scheduled training lessons, whether on invasions, town defenses, fire brigade drills, etc.


  • At times, there may be special awards or pins created to recognize the efforts and courage of members within the Wehnimer's Landing Militia and will be announced during ceremonies once, or twice a year.

Code of Conduct

  • All Members and Captains of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that maintains their clean record of citizenship within the town. Any actions seen as disruptive to the safety of the town and its people, or criminal in any way, will result in removal from the group. Removal from the Wehnimer's Landing Militia is at the discretion of the Town Marshal. Disruptive actions include, but are not limited to, violent acts against fellow townspeople and adventurers, endangering the town, association with criminal organizations, unlawful activity, and treason.
  • Every 3 months, the Town Marshal will review the reports submitted on each militia member by the Captains. These reports will be used to determine promotions, awards of recognition, and at times disciplinary action.
  • Every 6 months, the Town Marshal will review the activity and performance of the Militia Captains. This process is to ensure the Captains are upholding the highest level of activity and conduct within the organization.


Applicants may be in an existing MHO or CHE, and also still be a member of the Landing Militia.

There exists currently 3 player-run organizations in Wehnimer's Landing whose charter has them as acting defense for the town and the innocents in the area. These organizations will be given the opportunity to select 1 of their Officers to obtain Captain status in the Wehnimer's Militia. This is optional, as said position would be required to report and be loyal to the Town Marshal (GM NPC). Some groups may decline, seeking not to have specific fealty to a town leader, but this will not keep the Wehnimer's Militia from coordinating or fighting alongside these groups in times of battle.

In addition, members of any of these player-run groups can join the Wehnimer's Militia, regardless of their associations with other groups and said groups involvement. There is a level of cross-over expected, and quite frankly encouraged, as the Militia is by no means intended to detract from the purpose and community of other organizations. Instead, it is designed to provide a vehicle for others to get involved together, despite affiliations. Future MHOs and CHEs that have pledged full loyalty to the town of Wehnimer's Landing for a period of 12 consecutive months may petition the Town Marshal to be considered for additional Captain positions.

The current organizations who qualify for a representative Captain position are: The Silver Gryphons, the Drakes Vanguard, and the Landing Defense Irregulars.

These associated positions must adhere to the same requirements and code of conduct of all other positions and are subject to the same disciplinary action.

-GM Kenstrom-


Title Name
Captain Shirkon
Member Balantine
Member Roelaren
Member Geijon
Member Landrag
Member Ososis

Title Name
Captain Khristal
Member Femereff
Member Logeerkamer
Member Basyiiel
Member Jacinto
Member Olybino
Member Andalusian

Title Name
Captain Stormyrain
Member Ariond
Member Jastalyn
Member Ortar
Member Shinann
Member Dyllin
Member Daniels
Member Goldtree

Title Name
Captain Maags
Member Hoy
Member Bisco
Member Hapenlok
Member Sertao
Member Kylinarr
Member Symerian