Wheel of Chance

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The Wheel of Chance is located in Beldrin's Gaming Hall in Wehnimer's Landing. From the Reception room, go southwest and through the arch to find the Wheel room.

[Beldrin's Gaming Hall, Wheel] RNUM: 8819
This small room seems even smaller because of the tremendously high ceiling here. Nearly cutting the room in half is a large counter. Behind the counter and hanging on the back wall is the Wheel of Chance. Keeping a watchful eye on the entire proceedings is a large man, the hawker. The only exit is through the narrow arch that leads back to the main gaming hall.
Obvious exits: none

The wheel is huge, at least fifteen feet in diameter, and made of fine wood. The numbers, which range from 1 to 100, are made of silver and ivory, and are masterfully inlaid within the wheel.

(The wheel pointer is sitting on number {#}.)

How to Play
This is the Wheel of Chance.  Place your bets, and if the wheel stops on your number, you win!

There are two ways to win:  You can bet on numbers ranging from 1 to 100, or on either even or odd numbers.  Betting on a single number will pay 30:1 on a win.  Betting on even or odd will pay 3:2.

To bet, simply type:  BET {amount} ON {spot}

Examples:  BET 10 ON 56  or   BET 10 ON EVEN

>bet 1 on 1
The hawker walks over and accepts your risky bet of 1 silver on 1!

The wheel will not spin until at least one bet is made. It takes about a minute and a half after the initial bet is made for the wheel to start spinning.

The wheel slowly comes to a stop, and lands on 40!

You lose.  The hawker glances over at you and snickers.