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The predecessor to Gweedetta wigs, Wigs can be worn to change the entire hair feature line. Due to the nature of the item, unless wig powder is used, ambient messaging makes it apparent how uncomfortable it can be to wear one. You can easily determine the style with LOOK. Additionally, due to the nature of ambient scripts suggesting the uncomfortableness of the wig, you can use wig powder to ease the slight irritation.


This expertly crafted wig is made of thigh-grazing, straight henna red hair partially swept back by a quartet of braids with various locks curled to frame the face.


You analyze your henna red wig and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item has restrictions on changing the noun."


WEAR You slip on your wig, giving your hair a wholly new look. XXX slips a coiled henna red wig over her head, giving her hair a wholly new look.
NOTE: Feature alter will vary depending on style of wig.
PULL You reach up and resettle your henna red wig on your head. XXX fusses with her henna red hair, as though it was causing her some discomfort.
REMOVE You remove your wig, revealing your frosted silver-white hair. XXX removes her henna red wig, revealing her frosted silver-white hair.

Wig Powder

No wig
You shake some powder from your canister into the air, where it disperses like fine snow.
With wig
You sprinkle some powder from the canister under your ivory blonde wig. Ahh, that feels more comfortable!


Note: These occur without wig powder. At this moment, it is uncertain if other ambients occur when powder is used.

Your henna red wig slips ever so slightly to one side.  You adjust it discreetly.
XXX gives her hair a small tug.  Odd.

A bit of perspiration trickles down the back of your neck.  No one ever said that a wig would be comfortable.

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