Wiley Island

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Wiley Island is part of the Locksmehr Trail. It can be found on the map EN-trail in the "Overland Trail" region.


This small river island would barely be worth a mention except for the fact that it must be crossed if one intends to travel the Locksmehr Trail by land. Dominated by birch and poplar trees, travelers often stop here to take a break or to gather up the nerve to continue. Access to the eastern shore is via a sturdy bridge; unfortunately, the same can not be said for the western shore, which grants passage by an unstable rope bridge. Still, no matter how treacherous the rope bridge it is far safer than the even more treacherous rapids.

Under starlight, this island is said to appear much like a giant toad defiantly soaking up the waters of the river around it.

— Geographica Elanthia