Windfellow's Retreat storyline

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A Homecoming

A loud shout comes from high overhead, "The Dread Lord! He's coming this way! He should be here in the next half an hour or so! Get ready!"

On Volnes, day 26 of the month Phoenatos, Rorthen Windfellow returns to his home at Windfellow Retreat to discover a shocking surprise: The gargoyles of the keep have planned and commenced a festival, seemingly in honor of the Dread Lord's birthday.

While speaking briefly to the festival-goers, the Dread Lord explains that the gargoyles consider him their master, and that they built the keep for him. He admits that he did, indeed, create them, though not necessarily with forethought. He continues, explaining that their creation was unintentional and related to the consumption of perhaps one too many wine-spritzers.

Not long after his return to the keep, the Dread Lord takes to his bed, seemingly still rattled by the goings-on in his home.

It's said the Dread Lord enjoys tarts, long walks in the keep, and wine-spritzers. His dislikes include a lumpy bed and unexpected guests.

Gossip and rumors abound amongst the visitors, as the festival continues into its fourth evening.

In the Master's Chambers

The squeaky voice sounds suspicious now, and closer to the door, "Rawkfault... you don't have any other... surprises... out there, do you?"

After a long night and day in bed, the Dread Lord awakens the next evening to find his suite filled with myriad people. He is surprised to learn that many of the women present are on a list the gargoyles started - a list of potential wives.

Rorthen admits that while the idea of finding a wife is not wholly unappealing, the method for doing so is perhaps less so. At the gargoyles encouragement, he introduces himself to the gathering, and begins to share a little about himself. It is discovered that he is a sorcerer by training, that his family owns the promontory the keep was built upon, and that his few friends.

After speaking with a handful of women, and seeing just how long the list of mates is, the Dread Lord offers to take the assemblage on a walk about the grounds.

Rorthen explains that the promontory has been in his family for eleven generations, and that as recently as a month ago the keep was little more than just a shed. The tour of the grounds continues, as does the idle chatter among the guests.

Upon returning to the courtyard, the Dread Lord states that the creation of the gargoyles was an experiment - one he believes came with positive results. Unfortunately, it is not an experiment he was ever able to duplicate. He speaks of the gargoyles with some measure of affection, sharing tales of their antics, and discusses how they some how have distinct personalities despite being created the same way.

He likes to read and collect poetry. He dislikes mud and crowds.

He Speaks

The Dread Lord, Rorthen Windfellow, requests that any who are interested please gather in the Fountain Room inside Windfellow's Retreat, as he has some things he would like to explain.

The time arrives when the Dread Lord finally is able to speak his mind, and claims that tonight he will need a clear head for it all.

Rorthen's story begins with his family, the Windfellows. The family hailed from Estoria where their ancestral home was a manor in the capital city of Iodolone. The Dread Lord admits that his family history if rife with bad choices, and he launches into a tale of a child by the name of Prentius.

At the age of nine, Prentius held claim to the Sun Throne after the death of the emperor. As he was a child, his he was passed over for another, yet there were six noble houses who gave him their support - one of those being the Windfellow family. This was the first act that would tarnish the family.

Continuing, he adds that his great-great-great grandfather fought in the Battle of Skyreach, but ultimately turned tail and ran. It was at this point the accusations of cowardice began.

In 5048, his great-great grandfather, Moullos Windfellow, Knight of Idolone, carelessly impaled his superior officer upon his ranseur after a round of whiskey. The officer survived the incident, however his family line...did not. Rorthen states his father referred to this as "The Third Misstep" our their line.

After this, the family was no longer welcome at court, but they were able to maintain their family home. They also held land in Talador, as well as the promontory the keep is found, and they split their time between the two places.

Most of this was unknown to him at the time, he explains, and then goes on to state that his father hung himself ten years prior (circa 5109). His father felt they were too fine a family to live in such a state, and that by this time, little was left in the end. Talador was lost, the manor in Estoria was lost, and all that remained was the promontory. So, at the age of twenty-three, he came to the promontory, and has been there since.

The promontory at the time was home to little more than a shack, the Dread Lord says, but it was shelter, and he was able to do what he was able to make ends meet.

He claims he became interested in sorcery, and was fascinated with stories of the gargoyles of Darkstone Castle. He managed to find some tomes, and began to experiment.

He managed to summon one gargoyle, but believes it was just an accident. He befriended the gargoyle, who began to give him guidance in creating more. They knew its time was short, though, and the Lord began to drink. After blacking out one night, he awoke to find his partner gone. In his place was another "batch" of gargoyles, and this batch each had their own personality, thoughts, and ideas.

It was at about this time in his story that Rorthen noticed a woman amongst the gathered - a woman he clearly recognized, a merchant called Mareille. The gargoyles take great pleasure in this, and bid the guests quiet so that "Rortie" and his old friend "Mare" can catch up. After a brief back and forth, Mareille returns to her wagon, but not before asking the Dread Lord to drop by for tea.

After Mareille departed, a rather awestruck and dumbfounded Rorthen returned to his bedroom.

The Dread Lord

You see Rorthen Windfellow.
He appears to be a Human.
He is spectacularly awkward-looking and has exceedingly long, spindly limbs.  He appears to be young.  He has wide muddy brown eyes and sallow skin.  He has irregularly-cut, straight brownish-red hair.  He has a narrow face and a pronounced overbite.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a plain cyan tunic, a bright green belt pouch, some stained crimson breeches, and some oversized yellow boots.