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Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #: 1505
Author: GS4-REIDYN
Date: 01/14/2015 11:54 PM EST
Subject: Writable Books Updates!

I pushed out a couple of minor updates to the scripted, writable books that were most recently available for purchase at EG 2014's Write to the Point and originally sold at the Wavedancer. The first of the three updates is more of a behind scenes thing, making the alteration instructions to my fellow GM merchants more clear so they can provide you with better service. Secondly, ANALYZE information was added that details how to use the books with the proper syntax, as well as basic alteration information. Third, I have added support for the use of simultaneous LONG and SHOW descriptions.

If you notice anything regarding the books not behaving as you would expect, or notice any typos I missed feel free to post here. I'll be keeping my eye on this folder for the next several days and will fix things as soon as I am able.

On another note, I do plan to release additional updates for these books at some point in the future. They will likely come in the form of incremental changes like this one, so keep an eye out for updates!

For posterity's sake, the ANALYZE for a leather-bound opus appears as:

>analyze opus
You analyze your leather-bound opus and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

This opus can be written in using either a STYLUS or QUILL as an implement. The following verbs provide the functionality for the opus:

WRITE: With the opus open and either a stylus or quill in hand -- WRITE opus;{message}

* To insert a line break in your writing, use the | symbol.

TURN: Used with the PAGEs in the opus as the target to turn the page forward -- TURN PAGE

FLIP: Used with the PAGEs in the opus as the target to flip the page back -- FLIP PAGE

PUSH: Used with the PAGEs in the opus as the target to provide the current page number -- PUSH PAGE

CLEAN: Used with the PAGEs in the opus as the target in order to erase the contents of a page -- CLEAN PAGE

TEAR: Used with the PAGEs in the opus as the target in order to tear a page from the opus -- TEAR PAGE

READ: Used to read the current page of the opus -- READ opus

RUB: Fluff verb trap -- RUB opus

The opus may be altered by a willing merchant, though it should always remain a book some sort. SIMULTANEOUS LONG and SHOW descriptions are supported, provided a skilled merchant is willing to offer the service.

You can tell that the opus is as light as it can get and that its pockets could not possibly get any deeper.

GM Reidyn