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Simutronics provides gsfeedback@simutronics.com for writing Feedback and Customer Service.



Read the documentation first. There is a great deal of information here and elsewhere that may already answer your question, so you may not need to send an email at all.

Less Is More

Keep your email under 250 words. Keeping your email short will lessen the time needed for a customer service representative to read and respond to your email. A long email may be good in terms of thoroughness, but it may take longer to receive a response. In addition, our representative may respond to the wrong part of your email.

One Subject Per Email

Include only one subject or idea per letter. We use software filters to scan emails for certain keywords, allowing us to route them to the correct representative or department. This helps us better sort through them and answer them in a more timely manner. The best way to utilize these filters is to send one email per question/comment.

Include Identifying Information

Include your play.net account name, the game you're referencing, and your character name. Simutronics runs multiple games with thousands of accounts, customers, and characters. Including this information will help us avoid delays in responding to your email.

Update Email Address

Make sure your email address is current. You can check your email settings on play.net under My Account > Email Preferences. You may also want to make sure your email account can receive emails from play.net.

Preserve Email Chain

Include any prior correspondence in the email chain. When having an email conversation, it is helpful to know what has already been discussed. If the Reply function of your email service/client does not automatically preserve prior correspondence, you can try the Forward feature, which should include the original text. Keeping the email chain intact helps avoid delays from researching information already provided.

Be Polite

We understand that if you are taking time to write us, it must be important to you. Perhaps something went wrong in the game or with your character. We do care about your feelings. If you are upset while writing your email, please keep in mind that we are human as well. If you feel so inclined, try pausing a moment to take a deep breath and count to 10. The best way to communicate your feedback is to be polite, courteous, and constructive. While we do our best to respond to emails as soon as possible, an email that includes insults and harsh language may upset our customer service representatives and cause them to take a breath as well, thus delaying their response.

Be Constructive

If you see a system design you don't like, it is more helpful to us if you can provide your reasoning as well as an idea for improving it. The world isn't perfect, and we are always trying to make it better. We do read all of the suggestions that come through, and some of the best improvements have come directly from player suggestions, or their suggestions inspired further development of other ideas that made it into the game.

First Consider the Forum

The best place to express ideas for changes is on our discord server forums, where other players and staff have the opportunity to comment and discuss them. If you send a suggestions to customer service, we will try to forward it to the most appropriate destination, but it might have a better chance of being seen if it is posted on the forum instead.

Game Log Files

Sometimes it is helpful to include game log files, but sending eight hours' worth or thousands of lines of information could be detrimental. If it is necessary to send a game log file, please try to limit it to the relevant sections. Also keep in mind that while game logs can be useful, we may not take action based on them due to their potential to be modified.

Helpful Email Addresses

Customer Service Supervisor custserv@simutronics.com
Lockout Department lockout@simutronics.com
Technical Help Department techhelp@simutronics.com
Access Department access@simutronics.com
Billing Department billing@simutronics.com
Paid Quests/Events Department quests@simutronics.com
Paid Character Restorations restore@simutronics.com
Character Transfer Department transfer@simutronics.com