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Storyline War of Nations
Gender female
Race human
Status dead

Wyvenaveil was a human and assistant to the Illistimi archmage Lirou.


:You see Wyvenaveil the Invoker.
:She appears to be a Human.
:She appears to be young and robust.  She has long-lashed blue-grey eyes and ivory skin.  She has very long, flowing honey blonde hair worn in a chignon.  She has a plump face and rosy cheeks.
:She is in good shape.
:She is holding a rune-traced black volume in her right hand.
:She is wearing a hooded verdant green linen cloak, a lacy white ribbon snood, a delicate silver and opal brooch, a dusty white linen frock embroidered with pansy blossoms, a small white leather pouch, a pair of woven violet silk leggings, and some verdant green leather gillies.


Wyvenaveil was among the first victims of the V'reen morphs which emerged as a result of experimentation by Lirou. She was fond of flaming violets and had a crush on her master.

Behind the Scenes

Wyvenaveil was one of the characters in the War of Nations storyline Archmage in the Alchemists, which was the precursor for the V'reen morphs quest.